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Creating My Own Kettlebell Program

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on September 29, 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and I figured it’s time I do something similar to a program. I’ve been just usually doing complexes on random occasions with little to no patterns involved. At most, I’ve been repeating two or three workouts on random days and that’s about as organized a program as I got. I’ve got a goal and I have to maintain my view on that goal. That goal is to become stronger and right now my definition of getting stronger is to lift a pair of 32 kg kettlebells effortlessly. I decided it just this Sunday morning but I’m pretty sure I dreamt about it numerous times before. I’ll be condensing it for 20 minutes give or take so rest times will just have to be short but sweet. Wish me luck :D


Sickday Routine

Posted in health, health defects, life by Fated Blue on October 14, 2014

I was a bit feverish this morning due to a cold that won’t go away. I had days like this before and I’ve learned that going fast or going heavy on sick days is a big no-no if you want to recover in the soonest possible time. I was all set to just lie back down on my bed and wait for the time for breakfast. It wasn’t until I finished my hydration ritual (which I’ve been doing for the past 4 years) that I realized I can get some good exercise in without making my fever worse. I figured I should go out and try a few isometric exercises and some serious joint mobility workouts.


Book Review: Generation A By Douglas Coupland

Posted in entertainment, politics by Fated Blue on October 12, 2014

I picked this book from a bargain sale a few weeks back. The synopsis intrigued me and I figured even if the book was bad, at least I got it for like 80% off. I mean, I’ve had my share of bad books but they weren’t all totally a waste of money since I then knew that those types of books don’t appeal to me.

The book isn’t too long as it barely had 300 pages and the writing style wasn’t so slow for a typical novel. The chapters were pretty short and most of them would definitely have you be interested as to what the whole problem with the story was about. It focused on the narrative point of view of five people which says something of how the author has managed to make them be individuals despite having them come out of the same head.


Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin – The Legend Ends

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on September 27, 2014

 A little recap of the first and second movie. And the official song.

I watched the film last night with a couple of friends. I’ll try to keep this short but sweet as to avoid spoilers.

The third and final installment in the Rurouni Kenshin movies picks up where the last film left off. As far as hype and expectations were concerned, the last film received probably triple the amount as compared to its amazing predecessor. The last film was expected to cover the legendary fight scenes of the Juppon Gatana, whom if I may add lacked screen time, and of course the big reveal of Kenshin’s ultimate technique. (more…)

Kettlebell Routine Of The Week: An Alternative To The Armor Building Complex

Posted in health, life by Fated Blue on September 21, 2014

I had this one in my head since last night. As a background, I still can’t strictly press a single 32kg bell without giving it a bit of a jerk. I’ve gotten better at it compared to last time but I still find it difficult to do nonetheless. The armor building complex usually composes of two kettlebells (but a single kettlebell version exists) and I still want to do something similar to that complex with my 32s. So below I’ve conjured up a ballistic version of it. The routine goes like this:

2 Double Kettlebell Swings

1 Double Kettlebell Clean

3 Double Kettlebell Squats

That’s it. Simple, effective, and most importantly, fat burning. Do around 6 rounds with the heaviest pair of kettlebells that you can clean and squat in less than 10 minutes. I was able to do this in less than 8 minutes but I decided to go the distance and perform 10 sets of this complex. I then finished with a 10 x 3 of strict push ups.

One Ok Rock’s Heartache Song for Rurouni Kenshin!

Posted in entertainment, youtube shows by Fated Blue on September 15, 2014

With relation to the trailer above to the awesome movie that is the RuroKen live action trilogy, I chanced upon this recording on youtube on what seemed to be a concert, the official first live coverage of Heartache!



Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 13, 2014

“May iba pa ba?”

Tinanong nya ‘ko habang nagsusuot ako ng pantalong pilit nyang pinatanggal sa’kin kanina lang. Kasalukuyan syang nakaupo sa kama nya, kumot lang ang saplot. Nauwi kami sa condo nya sa Makati. Di ko pa mahanap yung polo kong nabuhusan ng alak gawa ng inuman namin ngayong gabi.

“Oo, pero ikaw ang una. Bakit?”

Tila nagpakita ng bahid ng kalungkutan ang mukha nyang sanay sa ngiti. Marahil ito ay dulot ng pagkadismaya sa pagkadiretso ng sagot ko sa kanya.

“Ah, ganun ba,” sabi nya “Pero lahat ba sila tulad ko?”

“Panung tulad mo?” Napatigil ako sa pagbibihis ko. Naupo ako sa tabi nya, sabay haplos sa hubad nyang mga balikat. Ramdam ko ang tensyon at ang pinanggagalingan ng mga tanong nya pero di ko alam kung dapat nga ba akong sumagot.

Dahan-dahan syang tumingin sa mga mata ko habang hawak ang kamay ko sa balikat nya. “Mga tulad ko na may boyfriend na o kaya malapit na ikasal. Yung ibang babae rin ba, ganun din?”



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