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I’m officially an old-year old (30)

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 25, 2019


I’m no longer young, but I still have youth. I’m a year closer to death, and I’ve never felt more alive. (more…)

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Launching A Website!

Posted in internet news, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on February 18, 2015

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve not been as active in this blog as before and for good reason. As mentioned in the title, I’ve been busy with a website and it will focus on health, fitness, and maybe a bit of financial blogging here and there.

Also, a little update: I’m no longer affiliated with Jollibee Foods Corporation. The company and I had a few things we didn’t agree on so I decided to move away and focus on being a freelancer (which earns me a lot more money) and a chance to build on my website.

I’ll be stealing a few blogs from this place for content’s sake. The purpose of that website is to earn me some passive income. I’m thankful I’m the author so I don’t need to ask for anyone’s permission 😀

So yeah, here’s the website in case you want to visit!

Movie Review: The Platform (Netflix)

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on March 25, 2020

Just watched The Platform. I saw it as a thinly veiled interpretation of Jesus and his promised Second Coming. This is for those who are confused about the story or the ending.
Spoilers beyond this point.
1. The protagonist, Goreng, resembles Jesus in what many thought he looked like. This will be important later on.
2. The first man he meets is the Devil who teaches him everything he needs to know about the human world and its filth. Goreng would rely and sometimes fight against his words throughout the film. Think of him as the Devil who tried to tempt Jesus during his 40-day fast, or Virgil during Dante’s descent.
3. The part where Goreng eats him and the spirit of the old man tells him that “I am part of you and you are part of me” is the Devil casting doubt on Jesus.
4. The part where he meets Miharu is the symbol of Mary. She was looking for her child = the gospel where Jesus was lost and Mary and Joseph were worried until they found him inside the temple. She is also the symbol of Mary Magdalene, which will be important later on.
5. The cancer-stricken woman with a dog is an angel. She has hope in man, so she tries to persuade them to change for the better. Her attempts bore no fruit until Goreng said something to the people below. She noticed the effect Goreng has, calls him a Messiah, and offers herself as a sacrifice so he can live.
6. She also mentions the Administration, which is simply the symbol for Heaven.
The people in the hole don’t believe the administration / Heaven cares, but it’s shown that the head chef (God) was angry at one of his “angels” about the food not being perfect (the scene where one strand of hair was found on the panacotta).
The food is a symbol of God’s gifts to mankind, and that if everyone treated everyone equally, there will be enough for all. However, the movie also shows that Heaven has no idea how things work on Earth, and that humans have become greedy and selfish.
The first part where Goreng takes an apple and causes the room to get hot = the time when Eve took the Apple from the forbidden tree and were punished with mortality.
7. The part where Goreng is contemplating on eating the cancer-woman is joined by the “spirit” of the woman and the Devil. They urge him to eat so he can survive, but both have different motives. The woman always referred to him as the Messiah while the old man called Goreng the same as he is.
8. Goreng’s black friend is the symbol for Christian martyrs. They were martyrs and missionaries who died for spreading his word. The black man was losing hope in salvation, but Goreng (Jesus) said to believe in him and join him as they go down (to Hell), because the only way up (to Heaven) is down (through Hell).
When the black man was “shat on” by the people above, it symbolizes how missionaries and martyrs who want to spread the word of God were treated poorly. They only want to go up to heaven (he wants to climb up with a rope), but the way there is filled with horrors and terrible human beings. This is what the Bible meant as going to heaven through hell.
“But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14
On the way down, Goreng said that all people need to do for salvation is one day of fasting. This refers to the Holy Week (where you’re supposed to fast on Good Friday).
9. The man in the wheelchair was the symbol for priesthood and the first disciples of Christ. They served as guides to missionaries in lands that don’t like Christianity. The panacotta being the message = the Bible. The black man died because he tried to protect his beliefs/the Bible.
10. At one point, Goreng and his friend were beaten up. This is because they’re at the point in hell where all the horrible sinners gather, where hope is nowhere to be found, and only death surrounds them.
Remember how Goreng looked like Jesus? In this part, with his face bloodied, Goreng resembled Jesus as he carried his cross and has he was crucified. Beaten, bloody, tortured, and near-death.
11. When they reached level 333, that’s a cheeky way of hinting Hell, 666.
12. The descent of the platform is when Jesus descended into hell to liberate the souls of good, but unbaptized people like those in the Old Testament (Moses, Abraham, David, Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, etc.).
13. It was also at the bottom where they found The Child. The Child is a girl, which can be interpreted two ways:
First, it could be a political statement against the Vatican for not being fair to women who want to serve God as priestesses or even female cardinals (or popes).
Second, it could also be because the producer believed that Jesus had a child named Sarah through Mary Magdalene. So, the scene where Goreng and Miharu had sex = when Jesus and Mary Magdalene conceived Sarah.
14. The Child ate the panacotta. Remember, the panacotta is the Bible. The Child eating the Bible = The Child and the Bible are one and the same. “The word was made flesh”

The Child is also untarnished, untainted by cannibalism and sin. Miharu wasn’t there to find her child, but to make sure some food reaches her child. This is further strengthened by the fact that The Child is not malnourished.

The Child was also found at the very bottom, which means Jesus sacrificed his place in heaven to dwell with the sinners in Hell.
15. At the bottom of the hole, Goreng is convinced by the old man (the Devil) that because the child is the message, she does not need any bearer. It was dark, but Goreng no longer feared the dark. This is the part where Jesus, while on the cross, no longer feared for his life and believed what God intended for him.

Essentially, this part tells us that the Devil isn’t inherently bad, but rather a necessary part of God’s plans.

16. The platform going up with The Child = The Second Coming of Jesus. The film ended with a blank because it’s yet to happen, but it leaves the audience with this core message: Jesus is coming.
Alternatively, The Child could also be a sign for God to finally take man back to Paradise, long after Adam and Eve caused the Fall.

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Quick maths and our clock

Posted in Random by Fated Blue on February 18, 2020

Gotta get this off my chest. Been suffering for decades. Now’s the time I let it all out.

I don’t understand why the clock works the way it does. I hate how you’re supposed to write 1.5 hours and have translate to 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of just straight up using 1.3 hours instead.

“An hour and a half” will translate to 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it looks like 1 hour and 50 minutes in decimal form.

What if someone uses 1.25 hours or 1.15 hours? Then there’s the issue of someone saying “I’ll be there in 45 minutes” and you check the clock and it says something like 2:45.

Now, in my head I do quick maths. I add 45 to 2:45 and I’m supposed to get 2:90.

But! 2:45 + 45 minutes is 3:30!

I get how you can add x2 + y2 = c2 and it makes sense. E= mc2 is not a problem. Even the infamous n! where numbers look like they screaming at each other before being square rooted the hell out of them is logical in my head.

But 2:45 + 45 = 3:30?! BRUH!

What if I need to defuse a bomb and I’m too stressed out to do quick clocks? What if I’m supposed to pull the red wire out at exactly 9:55:01 and it’s 9:54:30, and the dying bomb expert – who was supposed to retire today – tells me I got 31 seconds, and I end up waiting for 9:55:61?!

We die!

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Opinion: (Pro) Duterte’s 2022 campaign

Posted in politics, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on February 10, 2020

I’ve been keeping tabs on local news pages, as well groups with political themes and topics. There are still many supporters, but the promise of another pro Duterte presidency grows weaker everyday.

Local news channel TV5 has always been in full support of the admin since the elections, yet it’s slowly changed sides after Ferdinand Marcos was buried as a hero. Now, the news page has become as anti as it could be.

Even their usual pro Duterte followers have shown signs of dissent. Their daily news about what the president says or does are no longer dominated with hearts and smiling faces, but of anger and tears.

TV5 still hates Leni, though, so you can applaud their consistency at least.

There have also been a steady rise of anti-admin pages lately, or perhaps I’m only exposed to them because my friends are mostly anti (or become one).

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Learning Japanese through an app: 17 weeks

Posted in life by Fated Blue on January 5, 2020

It’s 17 weeks since I started learning Japanese from an app and let me tell you, it helped me a lot during our vacation in Sapporo.

I was capable of reading labels (around 50%) without Google translate, I handled short conversations without panicking or looking up words, and I literally helped some tourists from Tokyo find their way to a train station going to a mountain view spot in complete Japanese.

I also Japanese’d my way with taxi drivers and train officers whether it was to describe Sapporo or the weather, or if the train is headed to the airport.

Granted, most of the Japanese I used were either in short bursts/phrases or child-level – plus the fact that when taxi drivers start talking to me in like really long sentences (to which I just respond with “okay” or soudesu ne…) – it just surprised me at how much I knew then compared to before I got started.

All this with a free phone app and 30 minutes a day. Imagine how far I could have gotten if I enrolled in formal schooling.

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Bagong Dekada. Bagong Ikaw.

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on December 10, 2019

Malapit na namang matapos ang isang dekada. Kung di mo pa ginagawa, bitawan mo na.

Mahirap magdala ng mabigat na bagahe na hindi mo naman napapakinabangan lalo na at matagal nang nawala yung tunay nitong may ari.

Sa pagpasok ng bagong taon, travel light nalang tayo.

Puwede na ang backpack. Libre pa ang carry-on.

Mas masayang bumiyahe kung wala kang masyadong bitbit at maluwag mong nagagawa ang lahat ng gusto mo dahil magaan ang pakiramdam mo.

Huwag mo tularan yung mga taong kailangan dala ang buong bahay tuwing may pupuntahan.

Kung ang dala mo ay magpapaalala lang sa’yo ng parte ng buhay mo na nais mo nang kalimutan, bakit bumiyahe ka pa?


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Random thoughts re: Koi Wa Ameagari no You ni

Posted in Special posts by Fated Blue on November 18, 2019

There’s a dilemma in meeting someone you end up falling for, but they’re either too old or too young for you.

For one, you get to know each other and find each other’s company to be something to look forward to everyday.

However, you both know the relationship you have can’t go beyond what it already is: Casual and friendly.

It’s like the forbidden fruit, except even though you both didn’t eat it, you still know how good it would have tasted.

So, you both wonder if the two of you would have been happier if you just never met in the first place.

Not knowing what you missed out on holds the exact same meaning as “ignorance is bliss,” and it hurts knowing what prevented the two of you from being together was just a gap between two numbers.

Love may be transcendental, but it’s still bound by society’s invisible chains.


This was inspired by Aimer’s Ref:rain. I haven’t watched the series or movie yet, but the plot synopsis and song meaning made me write this one down.

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Eight weeks with Anki to Learn Japanese

Posted in life by Fated Blue on October 5, 2019
Eight weeks using free apps to learn Japanese. I downloaded the rest of the parts of the flashcards and was surprised to find out there were ten parts in total. I’m currently working on two separate parts right now because I feel like I can do it given the free time I have.


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