The 9th Soul

Wikipedia Edits Forecast Vice Presidential Picks

Posted in internet news by Fated Blue on August 31, 2008

From slashdot

“The Washington Post reports on the findings of Cyveillance, a company that ‘normally trawls the Internet for data on behalf of clients seeking open source information in advance of a corporate acquisition, an important executive hire, or brand awareness.’ Cyveillance decided ‘on a lark’ to test its methods by monitoring the Wikipedia biographies of Vice-Presidential prospects. The conclusion? If you’d been watching Wikipedia you might have gotten an advance tipoff of Friday’s announcement that McCain was selecting Sarah Palin. ‘At approximately 5 p.m. ET (Thursday), the company’s analysts noticed a spike in the editing traffic to Palin’s Wiki page, and that some of the same Wiki users appeared to be making changes to McCain’s page.'”
The article goes on to say that watching Wikipedia pages for the Democratic VP hopefuls would have tipped Obama’s choice of Biden, as well.” NPR also has coverage (audio).

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