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Posted in health defects, Random, weather by Fated Blue on September 6, 2008

This week has been one of the most irregular week a student of UST has to encounter.

it has been irregular due to following reasons

1. faculty sportsfest
2. faculty meeting
3. absent professors
4. professors that attended seminars abroad
5. professors that attended seminars at heritage hotel

my usual schedule was dramatically changed actually. i pretty much lost my sense of time today, since i thought today was wednesday XP (since i have the same schedule MWF).

a very nice irregularity was the fact that i went home much earlier than i usually do. my supposedly 1-7pm laboratory class on tuesday got cut short since my professor represented our program in the annual PAFT convention held at Heritage Hotel. SO YEAH! i like went Yahoo! on that day. I managed to catch some sleep for like 4 hours when i got home by 1 pm and finished lunch before 2 pm. I caught up with my body’s resting needs for 1 day.

and i also went to school much later than i used to (more on this FCUKING DAY later). My 7-8 am professor was also needed at the convention. so i slept an extra hour ๐Ÿ˜€

i also managed to review stuff easier because of the absences of my professors. specially my “Once a week” professor in Physics. as it turns out, he’s often sick since he goes to class when he has a cold or a slight fever…then becomes absent for the whole week since it gets worst LOL. seriously…that’s what he told us. he went to work from 7 am – 5 pm one time with a mild cold, and the next morning he couldn’t get up anymore from all the body pain and the headache that hit him as if he was hung over. so we all told him to just let this week be his long weekend (he is our MWF professor, he attends to us at 10 am – 11 am lecture class, and 1- 3 pm lab class) from thursday to sunday. and so he did…and i ended up going home 3 hours early ๐Ÿ˜€

as with the current weather, i just can’t stand the heat often these past few days AND nights. last night, i went to bed at around 10 pm, and i wasn’t able to fully fall asleep till 12 am because of the heat. i couldn’t turn the airconditioner on since i broke the remote thingy…which i will not talk about any further ๐Ÿ˜€ . i also woke up 40 minutes early (4 am) BECAUSE of the heat. my neck, back, and face were all sweaty. and its FAAAAR from sexy o_O

now about the FCUKING day (which was thursday)

the annual Faculty sportsfest’s opening and parade show (which was celebrated by the whole university) starts at around 7 am and ends at 12 pm. so i got to sleep 5 hours more than usual ๐Ÿ˜€ . the thing was…i was supposed to wake up at 8 am since i got to do some printing and editing and i told my groupmate that i’d meet her at around 10: 30 am. I’m from Cainta, and believe me when i tell you that traffic here is really heavy during peak hours (7am – 10am).

instead of 8 am, i woke up at around 9. which was bad since i told her that i was gonna leave AT 9 am. so i told her some excuse that there was traffic and stuff thru text messaging.

i got out of the house at aroun 9:45 am. and the weather wasn’t helping too ๐Ÿ˜› IT WAS BLAZING HOOOOOOOOOT! you’d think it was 12nn the moment i stepped away from the shade…water dripped from my hair,my face, my arms, my torso XP

so i eventually got a ride after 10 minutes or so. i figured that this was the perfect travel time since peak hours were over. BUT NO. we had to stop halfway BEFORE WE LEFT THE VILLAGE (Greenwoods) because of a “starex” that crashed into a wall and flipped sideways X_X. the traffic was like 20 minutes. and i was like sitting on the backride (behind the driver) and the SUN was too happy that time. i felt my pants heat up and accumulate heat like an oven >_>

so i managed to get to the FX terminal at around 10: 30 am. the FX itself was HOT even though ALL ACs were AT MAX. i had to remove my polo shirt (i got a t shirt on :P) just to let some steam out and let some air in. i couldn’t say it wasn’t helpful…but it didn’t exactly prevented me from sweating.

i then decided to text my groupmate that due to some freak accident, i’ll be late for our 10: 30 meeting and that she should go ahead and start. she told me that she was gonna print and she had to borrow money for printing. so i said okay and told her i would pay the debt (i’m the leader X__X)

after about 1 hr, i was nearing my drop off point, which was vicente cruz. she texted me and said “robert, 210 ung utang natin kay bea” (we owe bea P210) i was like saying “WTF?! THE HELL DID YOU PRINT?! A TARP?!” since we were to print a report of 60 pages, which i assume (with the student discounts and bulk discounts available at UST’s D2B printing shop) would only cost around 45+ and less than 100. then i inquired as to how it reached the amount, she told me she had to print a SEPARATE COPY for the group.


i texted her “bakit di ka nalang nag pa photocopy worth 50 c each?!” (why did you not have it photocopied which would cost a cheap 50c each?!”
she replied “sorry…nagmamadali nako eh…di ko sya naisip” (sorry…i was in a rush…i never thought of that) we were to pass that at 2 pm >_> why the hell would she rush?! it was only 11 am!

so i thought to myself “210 pesos worth of papers…” I only have 300 as school money everyday…THANK GOD i had extra coins plus my hidden stash of 100. so i pretty much had about 450 – the travel fare of 87, i had 153 left if i subtract 210 >_> i was gonna eat lunch and buy water too! it was SOOO EFFING HOT.

I knew i had to cut down on the things i usually buy that day. i never skip on water…so i had a good 30 peso budget for water. that leaves me with 123. lunch usually costs 55 for me, that leaves me with 68. hurray… i have 68 left >_> who knows what else i need to spend money on?! so i decided to skip my usual 55 peso lunch and just eat a 25 peso burger and a 10 peso ice cream sandwich. not exactly my idea of lunch, but it fills me. but i wasn’t gonna eat that till after dismissal…since i just had breakfast 2.5 hours back ( i arrived at 11: 40 am)

then as i went and made myself feel fresh again (i always bring a bar of soap, and a head sized towel), i had bad thoughts on my groupmates who always depended on me for pretty much EVERYTHING. i kept remembering what they say to me on lab days “you’re the leader! dapat alam mo yan!” (you’re the leader, you should know those things!” “asan na ung ganito?! bakit wala?!” (where’s the thing?! why is it missing?!” and the “I HATE YOU! you’re so useless!” i was actually imagining their faces on the wall (they were all women) and punched the tiled wall like crazy, 9 times consecutively. my right fist didn’t hurt that much, maybe because of the adrenaline. BTW, i don’t like hurting women. but there are times when i really want to murder my groupmates barehandedly ๐Ÿ˜€

after which, I figured “what else could go wrong?” well…as it turns out, my stomach and brain kept telling me to eat…but I COULDN’T since I REALLY HAD TO LISTEN TO MY PROFESSOR’S PRE LAB discussion for 5 reports! i slept on her pre lab one time and i barely passed the exam she gave us! the thing is…I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND SH1T OF WHAT SHE WAS TEACHING. it was all numbers, symbols, facts, memorizations, conversions all up in a bunch for me! i told myself “so this is the result of hunger… @_@”

she dismissed us at 5 pm. i grabbed my “lunch” and went home. and my day, which was filled with crazy sh1t was over. i kept thinking that my mood was very much affected by the weather.

friday came pretty fast. as expected, our physics professor went resting that day. i was supposed to go to the opening of Krispy Kreme that day, but i figured that i had to leave UST at 8 am since i know hundreds of people will flock the said event. now why flock an opening event? 1st person to be at the cashier gets to have a year supply of original glazed krispy kreme donuts, 2nd person 6 months, 3rd 3 months, and the 4th – 100th 1 month respectively.

by 12, with the absence of our physics prof, our class ended for the day. i suddenly remembered i had to do the following for next week.

review for a quiz about Vitamins and their structures
review for applications of definite integrals
study food analysis: linear regression, spectroscopy, absorbance, and wavelength formulas.

*SIGH* this sem sucks the more it reaches the end >_>

PS: it rained uber hard on manila that day (and today) but no signs of droplets over pasig! X__X PLEASE RAIN!

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