The 9th Soul

Lost Words

Posted in Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on September 18, 2008

“There are words when left unspoken, are left in still time forever”

There were two people, they were young, they were foolish, they were in love. Their families are of different worlds. The girl is of a rich elite family who is known to own the land with power and strictness, the boy is from a family of decent living people who have joined a group of rebels to dethrone the elite family. With this issue they knew their love cannot be known. As time went by, these two lovebirds sought each other everyday, everynight. Knowing that their longing can no longer be supressed by minimal contact, they sought to run away, run away from the people who are opposed to their love, run away from this war, run away from the despair of their life. Run away…Run away…

Together, they left the country only with what they need to live: each other. Some may say this is a risk worse than falling in a bottomless pit, for they will suffer the pains of regret and the pains of life itself, ’til they doom themselves to each other’s deaths. But, they knew that within themselves, pain, despair, and anger will be nothing if they were to share their love for an eternity.

Inside their hearts, they knew that the path which they have chosen is a path full of thorns, and both of them are walking barefooted. Still, they mind not the pain, for the price of love cannot be judged by the pain they will feel, the love they have offered and still to offer each other will be priceless.

As they looked at each other’s eyes while they walk in calmness and security, they noticed that the other wants to kiss. To kiss at a time of haste, how much love can they possibly have? they stop, and as their faces come close to each other, the sound of alarms, bells, horns, and lights flickering at the sky signalled danger for them. Their silent escape has been found out! Oh but how? they have time not on their side to stand still and ponder of the reason, so they run, holding each other, they flee.

As they flee from the noise and the lights, they hear vehicles around them, in pitch black darkness where stars fuel the midnight light, it’s not hard to see the dimmest of bright. They try and try to escape the lights and the noise, but to no avail. Soon, they found themselves surrounded, with a mountain face behind them, by a group of armed men. These men are from the girl’s side of the family. They now face a terrible obstacle in front of them, an obstacle in which is impossible to overcome.

The lovebirds fear for themselves and each other, they have just began the moments of their freedom, but why would it end in such a horrific manner? Surely both of them will not be allowed to feel the gust of the outside air after this.

The boy left out a deep sigh…the girl ponders if her lover finally gave up. Then she saw him smile at her, he held her hand. Surprised, she replied with a happy smile together with her tearful eyes full of life.They ran towards the army of men in front of them and they both tried to barge their way through, to build a path in which the both of them would walk together till the end of time.

Just then, a gunshot was heard. A terrible sound to be heard at a time of supposed peace and quiet. A sound which echoed through out the forest, clearing up the birds sleeping amidst the trees. Noone knew where or whom the gunshot was fired from. Then a spotlight was focused on the ground. There they find the boy lying face towards the sky, with his eyes now empty from the colors of life. Tears continue to flow, for this may be the only thing he can do. The girl shocked, stared at him at the ground, her eyes could not comprehend on what she is seeing, blood…lots of blood, all flowing from his back to her now unclothed feet. As she stepped towards him, she kneels down and a burst of tears flooded the earth and cries of lament came shattering towards the heavens.

The boy, knowing his end is near, looks towards her face, both full of tears…they whispered to each other words of encouragement and of melancholy. But as the boy was to say his last words…the girl was taken away briskly. As the girl grasped his hand as tightly as she could, her effort was rendered meaningless. And as they take her away, she tries and tries to escape, she tries and tries to make them take the boy and be cured of his injuries. She screams words of anguish and pity towards the soldiers. The boy can only stare as he watches them take her away from his side…seeing her face full of tears…her eyes full of sadness…her voice screaming the sound of pain…he could only reach out his hand to her. The girl saw this and tried to reach her hands to him…and alas, the boy finally cried his last. His eyesight beginning to darken…”No…Not yet…Please…” as he begged God for mercy…He then saw flashes of his life of the time he was with her. Each memory fading into nothingness as his breath start to weaken.

Then his hand fell…and as the girl saw this, she cried out “NO!!!” And the boy closed his eyes still flowing with tears. The girl’s aggressiveness, her screams, her strong-looking eyes, finally halted. As she saw the body of the one who truly love her. As her strength now depleted, no effort was used to carry her inside a car. And there she pondered to herself “Why…all we ever wanted was to be with each other…to be free…was that too much to ask…?”

As she stared blankly into the sky…with tears flowing still…she continues to ask God “Why?”


Writer’s note: this little story of mine was written more than a year ago. (about May of 2007)
i was so sad when i wrote this. i am in love with a woman i cannot have. rather…a woman that is too good for me. until now…whenever i read this, it reminds me of how i really love her. its supposed to be a prequel to a series (i have 2 more episodes, but i won’t post them since they lack feelings) but i haven’t got the time lately due to school and other stuff that require to be prioritized.

feedback is always welcome

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  1. poeticjustice21 said, on September 18, 2008 at 8:56 am

    OmG!!! I’m in tears completely……it has more than feeling, I was moved in every way. At times life throws us a curve ball and we are expected to get up after its all done…….I hope you get through this and find your way when its all over and done. Remember love changes hearts and it moves mountains.

  2. rainbow said, on December 3, 2008 at 3:51 am

    i hate reading things like “a woman that is too good for me.” if you can offer her true love, a love that endures any hardship, there is no way she is too good for you.

    good luck. this piece made me feel.

  3. anima9 said, on December 3, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    😦 oh okay then. I guess that is cliche 😛

  4. rainbow said, on December 3, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    sorry? i didn’t what was cliche, exactly? ^^

  5. rainbow said, on December 3, 2008 at 9:36 pm


  6. anima9 said, on December 4, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    “a woman that is too good for me”

    when i wrote that…i didn’t even think twice about it LOL i guess after reading it NOW it really does sound like its being overused LOL

  7. nrlanga said, on December 12, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Dear Friend

    I have read some of your posts. I wold like to revisits, as your writings have interested me.

    If you like short stories and paintings, then a short visit to my blogs would be an entertaining one.

    Naval Langa

  8. Market mlm said, on February 10, 2009 at 7:16 am

    great post!! 10 of 10 for me.

  9. jcc34 said, on May 15, 2009 at 10:46 pm


    i thought you were a woman.. but nice piece. continue writing.

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