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Poll: Obama has 4-point Mich. lead

Posted in politics by Fated Blue on September 24, 2008


WASHINGTON – A poll of four battleground states released this morning shows Democrat Barack Obama with a lead over Republican John McCain.

Among them is Michigan, where the Quinnipiac University Poll shows Obama with a lead of 48% to 44% — greater than the poll’s margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

“Sen. Obama’s lead in Michigan is built upon two key changes since the last Quinnipiac University Poll,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the university’s polling institute. “He has consolidated the Democratic base to the same degree that Sen. McCain has coalesced the Republican vote, and his lead among those who see the economy as the most important issue has doubled – from 50%-39% to 55%-35%.”

All of Quinnipiac’s battleground state polls showed Obama leading. In Colorado – a state that could be key if Obama could swing it away from its tradition of going for the Republican candidate – Obama leads 49-45, compared with 47 for McCain and 46 for Obama in August. In Minnesota, Obama leads 47-45, and in Wisconsin, Obama leads 49-42.

“With a lousy economy, an unpopular war and an even less popular Republican president, it’s difficult to find voters who don’t want change,” Brown said in a release.

In Michigan, Obama’s lead is the same as it was in July – 4 percentage points – although both nominees have built a bit on their numbers. In July, Obama led McCain 46-42. That, however was down from a 6-percentage-point lead in June for Obama.

The Quinnipiac polls were done for a week beginning Sept. 14 and lasting for a week. In each state, more than 1,300 likely voters were surveyed and the margin of error was 2.7 percentage points.

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