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Oh wow…now this sucks.

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on September 27, 2008



Quiz for monday…under 3 hours  


Work, power, energy,pressure,depth, thermal properties of matter, buoyancy,heat,thermal resistance,convection, thermodynamics.


yep…my life sucks when its physics time -_-. not that i am illiterate in the field (mind you, i got a 94 on my prelims, 1.5 in UST’s grading system) its just so irritating that he has to give a quiz about all the topics of the finals in one freaking day, for 3 freaking hours. does he have any idea how many calculations, formulas, and terms we have to remember?! the F*CK is up with that >_> then on friday, we’ll be having a quiz AGAIN on the 6 reports which i barely understood since i really don’t like listening to reports in the afternoon when i’m sleepy and all 😛 


the ones i can remember: electric current, sound waves, wavelength, intensity of sound. and the other 2 i just erased from my head >_> and NO i don’t remember ALL THOSE SLIDES (reports were all shown via powerpoint). i just remember the topics…and maybe some of the words but not all of them. about 30% i guess. 


update on my student life:

finished my written reports on enzymes and pigments. vitamins will be last (10 pages each >_>)

unfinished homework in calculus concering trigonometric integrals

unfinished homework in food analysis

unfinished article review on food chemistry

almost finished technical writing report on E.Coli (with all the professional format and formalities including a thesis statement and data sheets @_@)

haven’t studied for the quiz on the informal fallacies of logic (from ad ignorantiam upto ad mefailingthequiz)


i actually expected my weekends to be busy…but not CRAMMED with all these subjects @_@ not to mention that my data 2 for the effect of vit.e on the rancidity of corn oils was lost by a classmate of mine who borrowed my manual without my permission. it just so happens that i keep my “scratch” data there in a piece of paper. and damn! it fell wherever >_> i could only theorize the effect on week 2 now T_T and this report was going to be my favorite since it was so easy! guess i’ll be hitting the book shelves…AGAIN.


hope you guys have a better status in life. ’cause mine’s just about to blow up!

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