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Politics, Palin and ‘SNL’

Posted in entertainment, politics by Fated Blue on September 29, 2008

A lot of politics on this week’s “SNL,” and couple of alumni, too: Tina Fey reprised her role as Sarah Palin, Chris Parnell turned up as Jim Lehrer in a mock-debate sketch, and the news contained its fair share of political jokes, none of which I can remember nearly 24 hours later.

While Fey’s impression of Palin remains pitch-perfect, her sketch — a nearly point-for-point parody of Katie Couric’s interview with Palin, co-starring Amy Poehler as a perplexed and irritated Couric — wasn’t as jaw-droppingly funny as the the one two weeks ago. The novelty has worn off a bit, but I think the bigger problem is that the original CBS interviewwas such an incredible TV artifact that it required no further elaboration. (In fact, as Andrew Sullivan points out, some of the sketch was transcribed directly from the interview.)


As for the debate sketch, it was OK, and notable for the fact that the “SNL” writers are clearly trying to stick it to Obama as much as they are to McCain. But again, unlike last spring’s first Clinton-Obama debate sketch, in which one of the moderators asked Obama if he’d like a pillow, I doubt this one is going to change the national conversation. Still, I think I’m being a little harsh. I’m sure these sketches are incredibly hard to pull off, great or merely good, in just over 24 hours. The source material wasn’t ripe for parody, aside from Lehrer’s desperate attempts to get the two candidates to address one another. Plus, it’s always nice to see Parnell. I’m looking forward to more time with Dr. Spaceman on “30 Rock.”

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