The 9th Soul

Cosplay Mania 2008

Posted in entertainment, Special posts by Fated Blue on October 13, 2008

Yeah…I went there yesterday 😀 Never spent time inside the event at all. The venue was small…and the airconditioning was dying D: it was already hot OUTSIDE what more inside?! The reason it was hot was because of the overflowing number of cosplayers. They were literally too many to count. The venue itself was jam-packed. If I was a hot woman, I wouldn’t dare myself to go inside while perverts are waiting for a chance to touch some hot chick >_< too scary. Good thing most of the hot girls were outside. So I went and took pictures of them. I’ll show you some samples, while most of my collections can be found here

Check these other albums from my friends 😀

I don’t have pics inside the venue itself but I managed to find some interesting pictures during the cosplay catwalk. I’ll show you some, but most of them are found in Yuber’s I gave above 😀

And my PERSONAL favorite ROFL

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