The 9th Soul

Gears of War 2 Torrent Uncovered

Posted in entertainment, internet news, security by Fated Blue on October 17, 2008

Gears of War 2 has been leaked.  With 3 weeks until its official release Gears of War 2 is available people have been steadily downloading the game and playing it on dodgy Xbox’s.  If you feel like downloading this torrent remember Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Clause always know where the good little boys and girls live… Oh and remember guys if you buy the game in-store (Not pre-owned) you will receive the Day-One map pack (5 Remake maps from Gears of War) download code which will be available from… Wait for it… Day one.  Now go – find a downloader and lynch him.


PS: You can pre-order Gears of War 2 here.

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