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Leah Dizon, 4 months pregnant, announces she’s married

Posted in entertainment, internet news by Fated Blue on October 17, 2008



Leah Dizon performs in Shibuya on Tuesday night.

Leah Dizon performs in Shibuya on Tuesday night.



American singer Leah Dizon, 22, on Wednesday afternoon held a press conference in Aoyama to talk about her marriage and pregnancy which she announced at the last concert of her nationwide tour in Shibuya on Tuesday night.

Dizon dropped a bombshell when she told concertgoers that she was four months pregnant and that she had married a Japanese stylist in his 20s. She told 1,000 fans the wedding had been held last Friday at a hotel in Shinjuku. Insiders say the two had a Japanese-style wedding ceremony at the Hilton hotel.

Tuesday’s concert was the last one of a nationwide tour. Dizon said, “I have important news to tell you. I have actually got married.” Then she added: “I’m pregnant, too. My family and I are very happy.” She said she will take a break from showbiz until after her baby is born, but promised fans she will be back.

Dizon told reporters at Wednesday’s press conference that her husband is a 29-year old “smart guy” whom she met in January. She said they had gone to hot springs and ramen
restaurants together. She also showed a photo of herself in a traditional Japanese wedding dress.

Dizon’s agent didn’t allow reporters to ask her questions because “she is tired of being chased by paparazzi for three hours by car last night after the concert,” he said.

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