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Master Chief is Unlockable in Fable 2: First Screen!

Posted in entertainment, internet news, Random by Fated Blue on October 17, 2008

As if Fable 2 didn’t have enough hype built up around it, Lionhead Studios and Bungie have slipped in a little something extra for Xbox 360 owners: Master Chief — yes, that Master Chief, from Halo — is a fully playable character in Fable 2.Technically, Master Chief himself (e.g. “John”) isn’t playable, but his Halo costume is unlockable. In fact, according to the in-game literature, the MJOLNIR armor — playfully called “Hal’s Outfit” — is an ancient relic from the old days of Albion, and the wearer of Hal’s Outfit is bestowed with a bit of extra defense due to its inclusion of a helmet, boots and upper and lower armor.

Before you ask: no, the overshield is not in the game. The Elite Energy Sword, however, is…sort of. Just take a look at the screens below.

As has been previously reported, to access and equip the MJOLNIR armor in Fable 2, you have to own the  version.


Just google the rest of the screenshots for this were the only screens that are in high quality to post.

Try this link for a thumbnail view. Much more screens

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