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Sharp unveils world’s first LCD TV with Blu-ray disc recorder

Posted in entertainment, internet news, technology by Fated Blue on October 17, 2008

Sharp Corp will introduce into the Japanese market the 16-model AQUOS DX Series, the world’s first series of LCD TVs equipped with Blu-ray Disc Recorders. Consumers can experience a new TV entertainment lifestyle by not only watching TV, but also playing Blu-ray Discs and DVDs and recording in HD on Blu-ray Discs, all with a single unit.

Complicated connecting cables are unnecessary thanks to the all-in-one design and the single remote control achieves a new level of simple, easy operability for all consumers. For example, consumers can navigate the TV-viewing, disc-playing, recording, and pre-set record functions all with just one action, and the newly developed Motion Guide offers “one-shot” disc playing by playing discs automatically when they are inserted.

As for recording and playing media, the Digital W Tuner lets consumers record programs while watching TV, and the H.264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding) standard of the MPEG-4 suite enables 5X extended HD video recording (5X Mode), which allows for extended recording time while retaining the same exact full-HD quality as the original high-definition broadcast. The DX Series also features 2X Mode and 3X Mode with Full-Capture Extended HD Recording, which allows recording of audio surround-sound data and extended HD recording while keeping intact the program data links embedded in the original video.

The TV itself is made from a high-class, high-quality Kameyama LCD panel*5 that achieves a remarkable feeling of depth and delivers high-gradation images with smooth picture quality. Plus, the DX Series comes complete with Sharp’s 1-Bit digital amp to faithfully recreate original sounds and its side-port Bass Reflex Speaker to deliver powerful deep bass sounds from a compact sound system.

Sharp, always at the forefront of the flat-panel TV industry with AQUOS, now offers a new kind of product that incorporates the best in image quality, sound quality, design, and environmental performance to provide consumers with an all-encompassing entertainment experience.

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  1. Jack smith said, on October 29, 2008 at 8:40 am

    To help you decide about which system to use with your home improvements, here is some information on the two formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, plus some pros and cons of each.

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