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Tokyo Film Fest to Host Anime/Manga Film Premieres

Posted in entertainment, internet news by Fated Blue on October 17, 2008

Oshii’s Kill, Hells Angels, Osaka Hamlet; Tezuka, Kawamori retrospective

The Tokyo International Film Festival will run from Saturday, October 18 to Sunday, October 26 with world premieres of several anime and manga films, as well as retrospectives for the “God of Manga”Osamu Tezuka and anime “multi-creator” Shoji KawamoriKill (trailer), the anthology of action sequences created by Mamoru Oshii, will premiere on October 19. Oshii’s three directorial colleagues,Kenta Fukasaku, Takanori Tsujimoto, and Minoru Tahara, will appear at the screening with their cast. Fujiro Mitsuishi’s live-action adaptation (trailer) of Hiromi Morishita‘s award-winning Osaka Hamlet manga will screen for the first time on October 21 and October 24, and Mitsuishi will make an appearance at the first showing. Yoshiki Yamakawa‘s much anticipated anime adaptation of Sin-Ichi Hiromoto‘s Hells Angels manga will also debut on October 18. Yamakawa, Hiromoto, character designer Kazuto Nakazawa (Samurai ChamplooEl Hazard – The Magnificent World), and monster designer Yasushi Nirasawa (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Hellboy film) will all be guests at the showing.

The festival will host a retrospective for Tezuka with seven screenings: The Fantastic Adventure of UnicoUnico in the Island of MagicMarine Express, Phoenix -Dawn-, Phoenix 2772 (Space Firebird), a selection of Tezuka’s television series, and a collection of his experimental films. “The Universe of Kawamori Shoji” screening will mark Kawamori’s career with a screening of Kenji’s Spring and selected clips from Macross PlusEarth Maiden ArjunaMacross Zero,AquarionMacross Frontier, and other titles. Keiichi Hara‘s Summer Days with Coo film will screen as part of a family film program that is co-hosted by the city of Minato.


Image © Yasushi NirasawaSin-Ichi Hiromoto/Shueisha/Hells Angels Production Committee

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