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Being left out is far from being unique

Posted in Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on November 3, 2008

What makes a human? 






These qualities are possessed by other forms of living organisms if you think this is unique to homosapiens. Proof? Love is displayed among dogs when they follow their master or when they wag their tails at someone, seagulls when they are hunting at sea with all the dangers of death looming just for a tiny morsel of fish to feed their chicks. Friendship is displayed by packs of wolves hunting together in which the animal kingdom has evolved to making it a form of hiarchy among kind. Brains? Monkeys use twigs to poke fruits atop trees, Clownfish use anemone as their defense against their predators at see. Ants don’t need brains to make a colony, form a line, and search out and deliver food to the hive. They even have monarchy as their main government there, and noone revolts for they all have the same intentions of survival. Even plants are smart enough to beautify themselves to attract insects that would enable their survival.


People may call it instinct. But people fail to understand that in order to have an “instinct”, the species must have a little know how on how to do it. Those cells didn’t form by themselves. If it were all instinct, then nothing would’ve happened in the first place.


What truly makes a human is the evil that they made themselves capable of. Its the mistakes from the “good” intention of a human that makes a human “human”. From a simple idea, sprung knowledge, truth, and hope for the future. At the same time, human ineffectivity to accomplish these tasks pure-heartedly is the source of the so-called “sins” of this world. 


To clarify what is meant, it is the unnecessary necessities that makes a human. Other forms of organisms survive on what they need. Humans need what they can live without. Simple as that. One can say that the invention of money was for the purpose of enabling trades and building trade relationships. It may not be written or history, but I speculate that the person who used the first monetary item is probably a person who wanted to gain more than what he or she currently had. That person might’ve seen the greed humans have as their eyes fascinate over what is little and glimmering over what is large and a commodity. I will not be surprised if the inspiration of money was a mere rock polished to a smooth circular shape. Even a worthless zirconium would’ve been used as a means of trade. Basically everything that has a characteristic of beauty that may have seemed rare at the time. Humans back then would take anything they want, regardless of the consequences it would’ve had. I’ve read farmers trading their animals and fruits over a mere piece of metal shard or glass. It is human greed that runs in the background in all of this. That which makes the human corrupt.


“Birds of the same feather flock together” as the saying goes. With that said, do “Birds” discriminate? they only “flock together” after all, there is no impurity of discrimination. Funny, though, as this saying is applied to humans. People of the same group think of only what they can gain together and from each other. Why else would people group together? for fun? for laughs? analyze it. You hang out with people since you want to have fun together, thus satisfying your need of happiness. It all starts with what a human wants. Its all a selfish act in the end. Yet, even though they have “the same feathers”, these humans tend to individualize themselves and classify others as inferior to them, the same goes for the other members of the said group. Good intentions show up the surface more than the dark ones. They are dark for the reason that no light is shed on them. Only the bold and the power-hungry dare say their dark intentions. And they are often treated as monsters to their own kin. As Hitler stated he wanted Germany to be superior, people rallied to him…in fear of death. Just as Hussein announced his intentions of power to the people he knew had little hope left, making them think he can change the world, which led to his prosecution and demise. Interestingly enough, those who did support him ended up the first ones who drew out the white flag. The people who followed him threw the first stones at his image the moment he lost control. These people never truly believed in him. They all had their own evil intentions on Hussein deep in their hearts.


The need to be needed, to be wanted, to be accepted. The need to be first, to gratify one’s self with one’s own view of what beauty is. The need to be better than the other. To satisfy the need of something not needed…is to be human. The destruction of ones own kind for the mere pleasure of it is the product of human necessity. For human necessity is different from nature’s necessity, that having a mere sense of free-thought makes a human think of doing what is not needed. They say that the human brain has unknown potential, I say that the human brain was a mistake in evolution. That something along mother nature’s creations included a glitch. An error in genetics. And to have a say in my religion, that God underestimated his own creation with the capability of turning against him. That even God didn’t know that a human can be evil. That God made a mistake if he ever thought that human beings will be needed to take care of the world. 


How will humans take care of the world? With global warming, with oil spills, with illegal cutting, with dynamite fishing, with fur harvesting, with trend-hunting etc. as the list goes on. People think that there are people who are stopping this and inventing ways to reduce the destruction. The thing is, nothing would have to be stopped if nothing even began in the first place. There would be no mess to clean if there was no mess in the first place. “People learn from their mistakes” as it goes. People say that humans make a mistake in order to think of a solution to stop it and/or prevent it, and thus learning not to repeat it again. If I have to say so for my purest intention of just saying it, I’d say that humans didn’t have to learn anything special to survive. They only needed sticks, rocks, flint, the rest would be hardwork. 


“To err is human, to forgive is divine” Humans aren’t perfect. But so are other organisms, yet you don’t see them detonating a nuclear bomb test on some island right? If the saying is true, then I guess dogs are divine…much more than humans. Explanation: You slap a dog in the face multiple times, injure it, break its legs. Just a little pat in the head and the rest is a recent memory to them. 


Religion was invented to apply morality and ethics. But the true intentions of this is to have as many people think the same way as the origin of the religion as possible. Thus gaining power over them with you being recognized as their prophet sent from a god that started as a mere gratified imaginary friend. You can even say that the image of a “god” started from someone’s guilt of not being able to avoid what they consider wrong.


I’m not going against Catholicism or any religion that has a being of highest authority as its creator. I am merely stating the human intentions of religion, which had not a mark of divinity in. Why else would people campaign before an election? they make as many promises as they can and dig up dirt on their rivals. All the while praising the people as an attempt to gain their emotionally insecured side. 



Humans will always be on the negative side. No matter how much good you do, your bound to be guilty at something you consider evil in order for you to do it. “I have too much money, I must give to the needy” But in reality, these people feel guilty of doing something they think is wrong or unfair, when in fact its not. They feel they are responsible for the status of the people who live under bridges, people who hunger, people who need help. They subconsciously empowered themselves over the poor. They do not feel mercy or a feeling of giving, they feel pity. And to feel pity is to have a sense of power over the one pitied at. “I feel sorry for this man…” They think its good to feel this way, but its not. It never was. Why do you give to the poor? is it because you love them? is it because you felt the need to do something good? its all selfish. They do it to make themselves feel good. Having thoughts of “I did something good today…” when in fact, all they did was give alms or food.


Humans are the only ones capable of giving, while the rest of nature is capable of sharing. Why give something when if one traces the roots of all, all that there is today belongs to all of the humans. Why can’t those poor people just take the bread that is behind the counter of a breadshop? Why is it illegal to burn and smell a plant? Why is it bad to eat cholesterol rich food? Nothing is bad or “against the law” in reality. Nature thought this to humans and humans just neglected it for their own gains. Back then, it was entirely okay to eat fat everyday and humans didn’t have to suffer heart attacks or clogged arteries. It was because the fat was fresh, natural. Humans may have made a mistake when they started to cook food. They are the only ones who did this, and look who’s the one suffering in the hospitals now. It was all out of the human’s way of learning something new and forgetting the old ways.


I wonder how long till humans recreate what they have destroyed…revive the extinct…clean their mess. Nature never made a mess and it had to clean up after humans everytime. 



“So dark, the con of man” so dark indeed.

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