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Barack Obama sweeps Iowa, Illinois to win Presidency

Posted in internet news, politics by Fated Blue on November 5, 2008

 At 9:58 PM CST, Barack Obama unexpectedly took the state of Virginia.  This turn of events put his total projected electoral votes to 284.  This total was above the 270 needed to win the nomination, and so  Barack Obama has been projected as the next President of the United States.

As of 11:40 PM, the total number of electoral votes were set at 338 Obama, 156 McCain.

Shortly after the winner was announced, Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain placed a call to congratulate Obama.  He then gave a very gracious speech to a crowd of fellow Republicans in Phoenix. 

In his speech, McCain again congratulated Obama to his followers, to which they responded with with boos and negative tones.  McCain spoke graciously of the importance of the election and how history has been made today.

Barack Obama gave his speech to his audience less than an hour after McCain, where he thanked his family, running mate, and all those involved in the election.  Obama praised McCain for McCain’s service to his country and his strong leadership.  In his speech, Obama reminded the nation that there are tough times ahead, but that he has full confidence that things will get better.

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