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Sony Will Continue To Work Through Home Technical Issues

Posted in entertainment, internet news by Fated Blue on December 12, 2008


Not surprisingly, the open beta launch of PlayStation Home wasn’t without its fair share of technical problems yesterday, but rest assured, Sony is pushing through the obstacles.

As of right now, we’ve been able to jump into Home and examine the newly revamped Central Plaza and the stores in the Mall, plus we were able to test out the mini-game Saucer Pop and several of the arcade titles in the Bowling Alley. We learned that it will cost real money to purchase items at the stores, but the items are quite cheap and in retrospect, you could go on a complete buying spree with only $20. Hell, I think you could purchase every item currently available for that amount; the only new Estate available is a Summer House for $4.99, and various threads for your avatar and pieces of furniture and other decorations for your Space range from $0.49 to $1.99, with the average sitting at about $1. Obviously, Sony will add many more items as time goes on, and we should reach a point where we can start transporting our PS3 media directly into our Homes. Everything is as pretty as we remember from the closed beta, and there are plenty of people wandering about.

Earlier in the day, we couldn’t sign in, but now we can, although we still encounter the Network Disconnect error every now and then. This apparently hasn’t been 100% fixed yet, but Sony continues to issue updates. Most of them just say, “we’re working on it,” and they have made progress, so at least they ain’t lying. For the most part, this is exactly the social community we were hoping for, and once Sony gets past these initial snafus, things should be fine.

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