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The girl who has infinite karma

Posted in internet news by Fated Blue on January 4, 2009

read the late news

her plurk site

How come I just knew about this -_- at least she will be remembered as the happiest woman in plurker

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  1. anima9 said, on January 4, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    There was a girl in hifi who made a lot of people smile. She used names like Harley Quinn, HQ and Hazel Danielle. She was a fashionista, girlfriend extraordinaire, she would incessantly beat me at sexual innuendos, she would make me laugh with references to diapers and cheese, and the inside jokes would go on until nobody else but the two of us could understand.

    Such is a relationship one could foster with someone online. There is no need for photographs or meeting in person. When you have interesting things to share with somebody, all it takes is a few MB and some keyboard doodling, and there it is, a meaningful human interaction.

    For other people in hifi, she would be host to the HQ series, fodder for insane male fantasies, interesting conversationalist, and a warm personality behind a profile photo and a monicker.

    To me, she would be reason to troll places like highfiber and plurk.

    Recently, she was engaged to be married, even announced this to plurk. She was the HAPPIEST WOMAN on earth that day, and I would like to believe the euphoria dragged on until the end. High-spirited girls like her deserve such things.

    I read the news today, and I’m posting darth’s email for everybody’s information. I am still in shock.

    hi ateng tess, i have just received an email from a santos’ relative with really grave news. i just would like to know if carlo has been posting on ateng nena’s behalf like he said he did to mine. i am still in liberia and has no way to view blocked sites like hifi using this unep camp computer proxied to un geneva.

    ateng hazel died monday morning. they came home from a party in neighboring france (i was told it was an engagement party for her and strachan) and she drove the car on the way back for lausanne (where they lived). based on initial reports as of yesterday, strachan was asleep riding shotgun and somewhere in the industrial area of france voisin, the event happened. the french gendarmes/police have an angle where the backside of strachan’s car was nicked by some vehicle with a red paint, thereby sending them careening to a road shoulder where the car stood on it’s front hood when it hit the post.

    the cause of death was when the car fell back down, it snapped ateng hazel’s neck despite airbags deploying and the recaro racing style harness. the backroads had no vehicles at that time (3am in the morning) and the emergency call only came in when a passing motorist saw the car letting out steam in the cold. the paramedics say she could have been saved if the call came earlier and inserted a tube in her throat to make her breath, but i think that was just hearsay.

    i would like to know some of the news until i get back. i think we can make a proper obit, i feel so sad and far far away. i can’t imagine what’s going on in their family right now, losing the only girl who i didn’t know was recently engaged. i am inserting a picture coming from strachan’s insurance, most of the pictures are being withheld by the french police including a separate set of tiremarks which could be the culprit’s vehicle. i would like to think so that they were nicked even though we know ateng hazel’s craze for tiny fast cars and with a 220bhp civic type-r in her hands who knows if she might have pissed of someone with her famous road rage.

    ateng tess, kindly post this in hifi or whatever. i think her online friends must know too. i will post followups when i find a net café later. i can’t believe it. she was so vibrant in life you’d think she was indestructible. my condolences goes to the santos family and strachan who’s still not aware of what just happened.

    thank ateng. i just don’t know who to send this email and the first thing i thought was you because you have become friends or thereabouts.


    Hazel, you will be deeply missed.


  2. anima9 said, on January 4, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    hi ateng, i just have no way of browsing sites, much more post something due to restrictions. i seldom go out of the compound unaccompanied for a net café.

    the news i got this morning was that (maybe you can add this in your post and pls. link it to twitter or that plurk thing etc.) was that her alcohol levels were way below the limit which meant she was sober. her remains will be cremated on friday and put in separate containers to be scattered in the philippines, china, lake geneva and some lake in scotland where i heard they were also building a house.

    i was further shocked and for some reason wrenched my heart when ross said that her last post in plurk (which i can’t view) was something about being the happiest person on earth.

    this is the only way i can communicate in this shithole.

    cheers and thanks ateng

    also from the same link source as the one posted above

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