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Eraserheads: The Final Set

Posted in entertainment, internet news, Random by Fated Blue on January 12, 2009

Grabbed from aprelle


It’s confirmed. The Eraserheads concert “The Final Set” is set.

Save the date: March 7, 2009.  The concert is produced by MTV and Smart with the venue yet to be announced. 

For now, it’s a tossup between The Fort and SM Mall of Asia grounds.

They’re just about to sign the contract and will have their press conference on January 19. 

We know you can’t wait, that’s why we’re already telling you — remember, you read it here first in Supreme!


From: raymund marasigan
Date: Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 9:38 AM
Subject: [pedicab-padyak] eheads09
To: pedicab-padyak@ yahoogroups. com

dear kids

i got a lot of messages yesterday asking about the eraserheads
concert. apparently there was a press release already in the papers.
anyhoo, here’s what i got so far.

yes its true. that much i know. but after the first one i got darwin
(soupstar, sandwich) to iron out my concerns before anything.i want
this one to be smoother. in other words i just want to rock.

the band has not me yet officially but i know the promoters have been
talking with our respective representatives since december.

we have a dysfunctional relationship haha. we play well together but i
think we can only stand each other for short periods of time.

i see buddy a lot cos were band mates in cambio. i bumped into marcus
at mogwai last week. he just got back from the beach. im glad ely’s
getting his groove back. sandwich played with pupil at guijo last friday.

we dont talk about the show. i know everyone agreed to do it so ill
guess well see each other at the presscon or rehearsals , whichever
comes first.

this wont be as top secret as the marlboro gig. there will be tickets,
sponsors and details in the papers. and well be allowed to talk about
it. haha.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT ME about it. its just a rock show. i just
want to rock.

see you all there


so save yer money now and get ready for the biggest reunion concert again in the history…tickets onsale SOON! presscon will be held on January 19,2009…lets just wait for the announcement

Eraserheads Reunion Concert 08.30.08:The DVD
available in all Video Shops and Record Bars near you
onsale this January 31,2009
WARNING: Dont Buy Pirated DVD of The Reunion Concert…



Hurray for repeat! I’ll try my best to see this concert. I just hope Mr. Buendia doesn’t have another problem before or during the concert! try this website too for updates

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  1. pochp said, on January 12, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    The best thing about Eheads is not only that their sound is international-quality but also they begun the retro-70’s fad in 1992. Their song ‘El Bimbo’ was even in that decade!

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