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My love of Tong Hua (Fairy Tale)

Posted in life, Special posts, youtube shows by Fated Blue on January 13, 2009

Its been a long time since I featured a youtube video. Since I only pick the videos that seem to interest me and, maybe, interest you. 

This time, its about this old song I grew to like about two years ago. I didn’t have wordpress blog back then so excuse me for the uber late feature. Anyway, I was searching youtube for interesting songs when I remember my chinese friend who had a last name as Liang. Then I remembered Guang Liang, the one who sang Tong Hua. 

The video is very sad. It tells of a love too young to flourish, too fast to perish. Watch the original video of the song and the very beautifully translated one by a very good youtube singer.


Original Video

English Translated version



Original video

Translated to english version



Please spare a few minutes of your much appreciated time to at least finish the first video 😀 It’s guaranteed to make one’s heart warm and fuzzy -like

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