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Furious over stupid classmate blog

Posted in life, Special posts by Fated Blue on January 20, 2009


Ang ganda ng araw eh. Exams ko lang talaga ang pabagsak sa buhay ko kahapon. 4 exams. Lahat sila major. 7-8:30 and 8:30-10 yung 1st 2 subjects. Yung next test ko 1pm pa. Buti naman at may break kasi di pa ko nakakapag aral sa 4th subject. At memorizations talaga ang habol nun. May ANOVA pa! (google nyo to know how effing hard that is to memorize in less than 3 hours sa subject na puro MEMORIZATION!)

Anyways, I was on my way to the library when my classmate (who happens to be one of the topnotchers of our class) called me back to fix the report she effing broke. She’s hot and all…but her computer skills aren’t exactly the best. I mean, she’s almost computer illiterate! The only programs she knows how to run are MS Office, YM, and internet browsers. She doesn’t even know how to fully explore the MS Office! I gave her a bunch of instructions on how to make a graph in ms word and she failed >_> It was a group report, I HAD to save the group…again! It would be normally okay if one of the following conditions were met:

1. No exams on that day
2. She told me over the weekend
3. If all I had to do was put some missing data
4. If I just had to print the damn thing

BUT NO! none of them were met! My BBQ! The report was a mess! 2 reports, 5 missing data, 3 pages corrupt, and only less than 3 hours to make them. I was like “…seryoso ka?” and she was “oo! sige na! wala tayo grade! please! sorry talaga!” And you know what she was doing at the time…she was having a blast with her friends at reyes barbecue at UST’s minimall >_>

As of that moment, I knew that the 4th subject will ultimately be my waterloo that time. But I HAD to finish the report. I was pretty raged since I did 5 experiments and 3 data analysis already. I also took it upon myself to have the burden of doing pretty much 30% of the typing and research alone! We were like 6 in the group and I did 30% of the workload. I only did it so that I wouldn’t have to do the printing (which was often expensive, since some had to be in color and some even have PICTURES on paper. Thank God for Photoprint’s discount!) and other type jobs in the next experiment. But I guess that woman’s numbness just won’t go away.

She’s been numb around other people’s feelings (and their outlook on her attitude) since first year! 3 FREAKING years have gone by and she still was ever as numb. She goes on and talk like the blabber mouth Kris Aquino acknowledging her sexiness and superiority among her peers. Both true, but her attitude takes it all away in an instant. Did I mention that her grammar is sooooo bad, when I read her past reports, her friendster, her multiply, and even her spelling (for the past 3 F%cking years) I was, am, will be annoyed. ALWAYS. She even had the spelling “draft” as “drop” >_> “final drop in ___” MY BBQ! I was so confused since she specifically told me the file name was “Final Draft in ____”

Anyways, I dropped by the nearest computer shop (and the cheapest) to clean the mess she made. I had to:

1. Put a graph
2. Put up 2 front pages for the 2 reports
3. Look for some references (Since we had none. She even told me to “magimbento ka nalang!” which I didn’t do.)
4. Fix her grammar. (She didn’t exactly tell me this but I knew I had to do it even before I saw the file)
5. Fix the formulas in the experiment.
6. Print a label of the product we analyzed (SHE EFFING LOST THE SAMPLE LABEL FOR THE 2nd TIME! IN 2 REPORTS!)

5 tasks. 2 and something hours. 2 major exams in the afternoon. I was, inevitably, feeling sorry myself. “Ba’t ako pa! Di pa ‘ko nagaaral sa last subject!!!! ARRAARARARARRAAGHH!” I kept telling those words to myself as I saw time just fly by every second I waste inside that computer shop, doing something I thought I already contributed to, and not reading my notes.

Fast forward, I was able to finish everything in about 1 hour and 30 min. Quick right? damn right! Sorry for my self gratification but, If it weren’t for my research and office skills (with the help of the almighty Google and MS word) I wouldn’t even THINK of trying to finish 2 reports in under 3 hours. I even had to convert some .docx (since the shop didn’t have ms 2007) files she saved by emailing it to a foreign friend of mine (who lives in the US) and had it converted to .doc. I know…”why didn’t you just download a software or updated ms 2003 with microsoft’s word update?” the internet in that shop, cheap as it was ,was also cheap. I guess they were having some internet problems that would discourage downloading. Bad timing? yep. It was. Good thing my friend’s timezone is about 12 hours advanced. 10:30 pm was her time and she was still wide awake. On the referencing, I made sure the sources were reliable. No internet, just books. I used google books to search it out. Like I said, thanks to the almighty google. As of the typing, the graph was easy, it was the adjusting that finally ticked me off. Her spacing, fonts, paragraphs, they all looked like they were just PASTED there. As if there were 3 or 5 different authors of the same file all piled up on one another.

After the editing, which cost me 30 php, I went straight to photoprints at UST since they offered the cheapest and most advanced printer at the same time. 1.50 per black colored page, 3.00 for a coloured one. And discounts after the 10th page. I only paid 53.00 php for what would’ve cost me 90+

After which, I decided to skip lunch altogether since it was already 12 noon after I got it printed.I just tried to insert the data all into my head in under an hour as my mind tried to compensate for the stress I was feeling.

I gave the woman the report, I told her the group owes me money (but I got a feeling I won’t be paid for both my efforts and the costs –__–) and told her off. She was expectedly amazed at how the report was completely redone, revised, and retyped. She even bragged about it “Tignan nyo report namin! ang ganda! HAHAAHAH” to our classmates who were trying to review. —___— There wasn’t even a hint of gratitude for the time I wasted, the money I spent, the stress it gave me, and even for my hungry self. So I just sat down…and just told myself “WTF…” And right now, I am giving her the cold shoulder. AS IN 0Kelvin.

I’m just glad I finished the report on time.

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