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One fine morning…EVERYTHING FUC*ED UP

Posted in life by Fated Blue on February 2, 2009

Imma blog real quick for the first 3 hours of my day today. I had to do a bunch of errands in which an idiot could’ve done the day before. And no, I’m not the idiot I was pertaining to. It was my OC classmate who texted me, at the middle of the night (as seen from the date it was sent) to have buy eggs. Thats right. Eggs. A dozen of them. No problem at all. Only that, again, the money will be shelled out from ME. AGAIN.

It was okay the first 2 experiments since I always thought their turn would come. But no since they most epically fail. Epically. So yeah, I had to stop by ministop to buy 12 eggs for 90 bucks. Thats in Peso, not dollars for those of you who can careless about where I’m from. Adding that to the list of money they owe me, minus my own contribution = P 180.00 From a supposed 240 contribution for the group.

Oh yeah, we’re a group. A group of 5 actually. And yeah, I shoulder more than I should. I AM SUCH A GREAT GUY AREN’T I? But Its tolerable for me. This’ll be the last time I do any shopping for them. I’ll just turn my back when a certain message comes from them requesting my financial assisstance due to their irresponsibility.

Then along the way to my building, I met one of my most annoying classmate a guy could ever have. A girl who typically, and habitually, requests someone else to do her job. She was carrying these bit-heavy stuff in a big paper bag. I can understand that she wanted moi to carry it for her since our class starts in 10 min and we’re all the way to the 4th floor. But I guess her eyes didn’t quite register to her brain that I was FUCKIN CARRYING LUGGAGE IN BOTH MY HANDS, not including the bag which was strapped on my shoulder. On one hand were the eggs, the other were my books and stuff my bag cannot carry anymore (Plus 1L of water). I said NO enough times to make a bride cry on the wedding vows. BUT NAH! Her insensitivity to other people just gushes out as if her arteries suddenly popped out and started gushing blood. Seeing I was gonna be late anyway, I just took her stuff angrily and stomped my way.

Lucky the elevator dude was nice enough to lemme ride. Lucky, as I was already sweating like a pig with a cold draft at my back due to sweat of carrying too many things at once, our prof wasn’t there yet. So I fuckin entered and dropped off the eggs and the extra bag I was carrying to their “respective” owners. Then the woman who requested the eggs told me “Yung report mo ba’t di mo diniscuss? ba’t di mo inayos yung…” Blah blah blah blah. I kept telling her, both in text and email the day before, that the data they gave me was incomplete. As far as incomplete data goes, there was no way for me to accurately fill all the blanks that I had in front of me. Then she adds “Kahapon hirap na hirap ako dito!” TOTAL BULLSHIT. All she had to do was copy,paste,select paragraphs, change font and size. I pretty much laid the red carpet for her to just walk on. AND YES! I AM SO NICE THAT WHEN SHE SCREAMED AT ME TO PRINT I IMMEDIATELY ACCEPTED so as to avoid unnecessary noise pollution. I also said that I had no money left to print. She said they were gonna give me money. Then when I was about to print, I asked her for the money and she said “Mamaya sa lab.” yeah…she says that everytime I ask for the money. If not “mamaya sa lab” then it can be any other reason to delay her payment. THEY EFFING OWE ME P180.00 ALREADY for the 2nd and 3rd experiment. I didn’t even ask money for the first one, though it cost me 160.

So I like SNAPPED. I went to my chair, listen to music while imagining all the murderous crimes I can commit to my group in 1 hour. That made me smile. You can say I am a sick person if you will. I’m fed up with being nice. Then the prof came JUST in time before I finally punched a wall.

To add insult to injury, my classmate who asked me to bring her stuff all the way to the 4th floor AGAIN asked me to borrow the fucking laptop for THEIR (Emphasis on THEIR meaning not OUR or MY) report which was located at the 2nd floor. The system was to borrow the laptop with the professor’s ID and the student’s ID. And I fucking have to edit the fucking report and print that in less than 30 minutes since I have a class on 10 am. (The report was for the nagging idiot who just had to copy and paste I mentioned earlier). So I fuckin said loudly, in front of EVERYONE (since I was up front attending to some stuff that needed attending) “AYOKO NGA!” Then she added “Para naman sa grupo ni…” I fuckin cut her off with “AYOKO, ID KO YUNG KUKUNIN EH.” And then I did the 180 degrees turn and just sat on my seat and smiled at how offensive I probably was to her. For the first time, I actually told her off.

I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY TO EVERYONE UNTIL NOW. But santa just requires too much from me that I just wanna stuff his raindeers and his elves up his ass when I see him. From now on, I’m done playing the nice guy. I’m not nice. I was NEVER nice to begin with. I was NEVER the GENTLE GIANT that I was to them since first day. I was NEVER ALWAYS SMILING when I see them. I NEVER said OK to everything thrown at my face. It was ALL A BIG assumption. I was pondering at my seat at what kind of a person I was to them AND to myself. Am I really nice? or was it all a mask?

Having realized my own self, I also realized that it took a game and this bad morning to make me see it. I know…”A game?!” Try playing Persona 4 for the PS2, that game may very well be the PS2’s last, and possibly, one of the greatest release. I accepted my angry self. I accepted how miserable I was. I accepted the fact that everyone else is pushing me too hard for sooooooooooooo many times in the past 3 years.

This motivates me to do something creative. I don’t know what it is yet. But I’ll do it.

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