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While I was silently browsing the net…this weird dude came o_O

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on February 24, 2009

Okay, I ordered a UST T Shirt from a guy in multiply. He said the time he would be available would be from 2:30 PM to 4 PM. Lucky, my sked was only up to 1:00 PM. I had some time on my hands. Might as well go surf at the UST Main Library.

So here I was…browsing ICHIRAKU, just happily posting and viewing pictures, walls, even fan art. When this guy (who looked like he just finished sweating) sat right next to me with some weird stares at me. I can tell he’s a student from our school (since I know the uniform).

At first, I didn’t mind he’s occasional neck turning towards my monitor. Then he did THE WEIRD THANG. HE FCUKING APPROACHED MY MONITOR WITH HIS FACE. It went like

me |monitor| (o_o) |monitor|
me |monitor| (o_o) |monitor|
me |monitor| (o_o) |monitor|
me |monitor| (o_o) |monitor|
me |monitor|o)         |monitor|

YES. HE WAS THAT CLOSE. I was already feeling awkward at the sight of non discretion. I mean, I also do the habit of looking into another person’s monitor…but at least I do it when I stretch my arms or my back. But HIM…he was shamelessly leaning his WHOLE FACE in front of my monitor. I don’t know…he didn’t seem to have any optical disorder since I found him browsing some street fighter wiki page (yep, /v/ fag) normally.

I don’t know if it was his purpose to begin with, but I later saw him open ICHIRAKU since he saw me browsing for the very nice artwork the members uploaded for us to see. AND HE WAS STILL LOOKING AT MY MONITOR >_> I couldn’t tell him off since It didn’t ACTUALLY block my view…but his face was was right THERE, it REALLY felt awkward browsing the net while someone else was staring at your monitor.

I was very careful at what I browsed when he did the whole stare scenario. I was about to open 4chan and go /b/, then I suddenly changed my mind and just went to /wg/ and /w/ just to play safe since he didn’t look like the “mature for the age and look” type.

And did I mention the weird mannerisms? OH THE MANNERISMS! o_O_O_O_O_o
At first, I thought it was just some weird neck exercise (since he was quite tall, his neck might break, plus he had the hunchback browsing position) and then he started doing it again…and again…and again. And there was this one time he let out a weird yawn…like some yeti or chubaka thing -_-

It was a very awkward experience for me. But in the end, he was contented just by browsing wikipedia’s street fighter page.

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