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The Wardrobe Encyclopedia

Posted in Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on March 29, 2009

This blogsite is currently ownded by my friend (well…just online, but it counts!) Dominique Tiu. She’s into fashion and design, so it didn’t surprise me that she made an entire blogsite to her own fashion and style persona. She even made the title to be very bold 🙂 as quoted from her 

I know that laying claim on a blog site entitled “The Wardrobe Encyclopedia” seems pretentious and ostentatious–I mean, let’s face it, I’m just a small-town girl from an obscure Asian country with neither the background nor the education to put up her own fashion library, right?

If you don’t mind, allow me to burst your bubble.

I’ve only known Domz for only a short while but I know that she is a very good friend once you get to know her. I know, “You don’t even have her as a real life friend!” I guess you can call it a guy’s instincts. I’ve read her blogs, specially her introductory/welcome page entitled “The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships“. Which can be conveniently read at her multiply. Trust me, empowered women are hawt women. 🙂 

Also, please take a moment of your websurfing time to visit the following links, which may help gain an interest on the person I am currently advertising 🙂


Candymag Style file

dA (Deviant Art)

Fine Filipinas page

Own wardrobe shop

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