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So you wanna make yourself look AND sound smarter

Posted in entertainment, Random by Fated Blue on April 1, 2009


I’ve been keeping tabs on what people are currently interested in the past few days and it turns out that people are having this sort of mannerism to make themselves look and sound smarter, specially at parties. From what I’ve gathered using the almighty google, I managed to get a few websites, viewed them, and post some of their contents here. Its a done deal for people who want to just fake it rather than actually ATTEMPT to be smarter.

To look smart, simply follow the steps wikihow provided. It helps even the geeks in society.

  1.  Take a few days or weeks to look at yourself and how you present yourself to others. You know your friends like you but how are you seen by your boss, your teachers or strangers on the street. Look at your physical appearance and also your mental take on things.
    • Take a digital photo of yourself each day in your different outfits
    • Look at your behaviors and see what you do that generates negative attention and what generates positive attention. Think about why you do certain things. Do you do things to be controversial? To get attention? To look like your friends or to fit into a certain group?
    • Understand you can still sharpen up your look and not lose your integrity or your friends.
  2. Realize you can still keep your personality and style. Some trends like emo or goth may need to be turned down. If you tend to dress frumpy or older than you really are you’ll need to let go of your comfort zone and be willing to try something new.
  3. Some products market towards people who are smart or want to appear smarter. Eliminate items that don't reflect your smartness as well as your new look.

    Some products market towards people who are smart or want to appear smarter. Eliminate items that don’t reflect your smartness as well as your new look.

     If you’re younger you will need to talk to your parents about the changes you’d like to make. You can slowly evolve your wardrobe by adding in smarter looking pieces. Don’t expect to be able to go out and drop a lot of money on new clothes. Looking smart cost money.

  4. Look at the people you respect and think of the things that set them apart from yourself. Is it the look? The confidence? Do they just seem more engaging?
  5. Stop living in your little box and start looking outside of it
    • Read at least 20 minutes of news everyday online
    • Read about different subjects or people that interest you
    • Visit museums, art shows, historical sites, planetariums, etc. Soak up the world around you.Awareness always makes you more knowledgeable and you will have more intelligent things to talk about.
    • Walk away from the video games and don’t spend all night on the computer chatting with friends. You don’t have to give either up entirely but you should scale back to make room for other things.
  6. Get involved in a charity or civic duty. This will really broaden your view of the world and bring you much more knowledge about people and society.
  7. Find a charity that is close to your heart and you could feel passionate about. Call the local chapters and ask about volunteer opportunities. If they ask about donation and you aren’t able don’t be afraid to say you don’t have extra money but do have extra time. Here are some options that are often available in most cities:
    • SPCA, animal protection or animal rights
    • Fostering injured animals (if you don’t have time you can always volunteer your time at a foster facility or set aside money to donate)
    • Special Olympics-they often need volunteers and athlete buddies at competitions and events. You can also speak to a special education teacher in your school if you are school aged.
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Homeless shelters, soup kitchens and homeless outreach services are often full of volunteers around the holidays but can often need help during the “less-giving” times of year. If you have a car you can volunteer to pick up donations.
    • The Red Cross or other disaster or aid services
  8. Spend time talking to people older and more experienced than you. Talk about the past, events in history they experienced and ask questions.
  9. Participate in class when you’re in school and don’t fade into the background. Ask questions and openly talk to the teacher about the subjects and ideas behind them either during or after class. Your teachers will respect your interest even if it’s newly found.
  10. Do your homework and be prepared. This includes reading, reports and even extra research
  11. Don’t feel pressured to comment on everything. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to listen.
  12. Don’t try to bluff your way through topics. The people that actually know about it will spot a phony a mile away. Instead, wait for the conversation to drift to something you are familiar with or direct the conversation in that direction.
  13. Ask questions. Seem engaged. Don’t pretend you know everything. The smartest people ask lots of questions. Don’t just ask questions about the topic you can also ask opinions and turn a lecture into a conversation.
  14. Surround yourself with smart friends and interesting people.
  15. Be genuine. You’ll appear smarter if you talk about things you know something about. Sure, you can carry around quantum physics books but when a person familiar with the topic starts engaging in conversation you’ll look like a phony and stupid.
  16. Read up on things that already interest you. Reading helps your vocabulary in addition to all the great things you can learn. Check out the library and research online.

    Read up on things that already interest you. Reading helps your vocabulary in addition to all the great things you can learn. Check out the library and research online.

     Expand your knowledge of your interest. If you like music you can read books about your favorite bands, the music industry, older bands that inspired the bands of today, digital production, instruments, etc. The same goes for art, history, fashion, psychology, religion, etc. Carry those books around and you will look smart and be infinitely more interesting than someone who fakes it.

  17. Evaluate your clothes and start adding smart looking pieces to your wardrobe
    • Pants and jeans
    • Shop for pants that are tailored and fit you well in length, in the waist and in overall fit. They can be stylish and trendy. So long as they fit well you appear that you took time in putting the outfit together.
    • Shop for jeans that fit appropriately. If they are really long you should wear heel (ladies) or have them altered. No one looks smart in hugely over sized jeans that drag the ground. You look like you found a pair of pants and didn’t care if they fit.
    • For the guys, non-baggy corduroys or khakis are good, and in the summer, khaki shorts.
    • T-shirts are fine but avoid controversial or rude graphics.
    • Avoid grossly over sized shirts. Start looking for shirts with social messages, vintage rock bands and smart comments.
      • Make sure the shirts are within your interest. You don’t want someone to ask about your message and you not understand what it mean. It’s fine to wear your favorite band shirts but dress them up with a blazer so you turn it into your look and not appear as if you’ve emerged from a Hot Topic yard sale. You can keep a lot of your current wardrobe, just polish up the other elements.
    • Don’t wear t-shirts all the time and if you do you should top it with a blazer, and accessorize with a belt and appropriate shoes.
  18. Like it or not people judge people based on appearances. It's a fact that people who appear neat or pretty are assumed to be smarter and more successful than people that put less into their appearance.

    Like it or not people judge people based on appearances. It’s a fact that people who appear neat or pretty are assumed to be smarter and more successful than people that put less into their appearance.

     Wear dress shirts sometimes to mix it up. Buy shirts that are cut to fit your body type. Look for lengths that are appropriate, not too short and not too long. Plan ahead and don’t go reaching into the back of your closet for your old styles when the seasons change.

    • Girls and ladies should look for pieces that appear tailored and flatter their good features. Don’t hide under bulky sweaters and sweatshirts but look for tailored looking pieces. Get a combination of short and long sleeve. If the fit is good you can mix it up with fun colors and trendy prints.
    • Guys should wear appropriately sized shirts. Add variety by choosing fun colors. If the fit is good you can really mix it up with fun colors and trendy prints.
  19. Athletic shoes during the day and during regular activities are a no-no! Save the athletic wear for when you are actually playing sports or working out.

    Athletic shoes during the day and during regular activities are a no-no! Save the athletic wear for when you are actually playing sports or working out.

     Men and women should avoid wearing athletic attire and shoes unless you are actually doing something athletic. This doesn’t mean wear it because you’ll be doing it later in the day, this means unless you are actually at the gym, running laps or in PE you need to keep your athletic wear in a bag. This includes your favorite player jersey.

  20. Wear shoes that are undamaged (free of deep scuffs and wear), that fit well and that can be polished (unless suede). You can get some well made shoes with fun colors that enhance your look and make you look polished while still keeping your personality
  21. Men should invest in a few pairs of shoes both in black and brown. Again, look for shoes that can be polished and aren’t worn out.
  22. Regardless of how smart you are or aren't you need to have a good daily hygeine plan.

    Regardless of how smart you are or aren’t you need to have a good daily hygeine plan.

     Pay close attention to personal hygiene!

    • Shower and shave regularly. At least once daily or more if you participate in sports.
    • Wear a nice fragrance or body spray
    • Guys should get hair cuts every month or so. If you sport a longer style you should at least get the hair trimmed from the back of your neck. You can still be long and funky but you need to keep it shaped and clean looking.
    • Hairy necks look sloppy and dirty
    • Ladies should avoid coloring their hair unless they have the time and money to maintain the look and the roots.
    • Black may be cool now but it may look unnaturally dark. Go for colors that compliment your skin tone.
  23. Get a skin care regime and stick to it daily.
    • Wash and exfoliate with the appropriate skin care products for your skin type
    • See a dermatologist if you have acne or skin problems
  24. Seeing is a good thing. Get glasses if you need them.
    • Get your eyes checked if you haven’t in a while, can’t see from the back of class or get headaches when you read or spend too much time on the computer.
    • If you need glasses you should shop for a neutral colored plastic (brown, tortoise shell or black) frame or a metal frame.
    • If you wear more silver jewelry you should get a silver frame.
    • If you don’t need them you can get non-prescriptions ones but you do run the risk of being teased if you’re caught. Glasses are a commitment. Instead of getting contacts and fake glasses just don’t get the contacts. Go with glasses for the most studious look.
  25. Accessorize your outfits with bracelets, necklaces and a stylish bag.
    • Always wear a watch
    • Avoid kiddie or childish accessories (unless you’re in elementary school)
    • Carry a stylish bag. It can still be wild buy don’t go overboard or it will detract from your overall look.
  • Don’t pretend to know more about something than you do. It’s when you get busted you look ridiculous tenfold.
  • Listen and ask questions. You’re more engaging when you ask questions than by nodding and pretending you understand everything.
  • Keep up with school and work duties. You can only look so smart when you’re being a slacker.
  • Ask to take harder classes and don’t just take easy classes to be lazy.
  • Ask your boss to send you to training or provide training for advancement or management
  • Smart people know when to ask for help. If you don’t understand a subject you should get extra help or tutoring.
  • Don’t brag about being smart. It’s the people that don’t have to talk about it that come across as the smartest.
  • Sit next to smart people in classes (chemistry, biology, etc.) where you get to team up. It keeps you on your toes and you’ll be less tempted to goof off.
  • Ditch friends that are a bad influence and don’t make you a better person. You can be guilty by association. Avoid people who are trouble and do drugs.
  • Compete in contest as school which require essays, artwork or testing. Even if you don’t win it will be great experience.
  • Don’t reveal your marks to any other student. If someone asks you can be honest. If it’s a good grade, be modest. If it’s a bad grade, confess that you didn’t study. Don’t say you studied all night and failed but also understand you don’t have to perfect.
  • Don’t brag about you being smart.
  • Do not give advice on something unless you are sure.


Things You’ll Need

  • Library card
  • Internet
  • Polished wardrobe pieces
  • Stylish and functional bag. Not too big or small
  • Some fancy pens to keep in breast pocket
  • Glasses
  • Listening skills
  • Sudoku books, crosswords or similar to keep your brain moving
  • An interesting book (make sure you know what it’s about if people ask)



Now we’re done with LOOKING smart. Now we have to make sure that what we say is ALSO smart. Looking smart is one thing, but actually sounding smart is a whole entirely new level of achievement. Its like one of those beauty pageants that showcase some of the very beautiful women in the world. They look gorgeous and are very tasty for the eye. But some, quite unfortunate, fail to actually SOUND beautiful. Take this famous girl as an example. I’m pretty sure you know her from what happened during the ever crucial question and answer portion of Miss Teen USA 2007. In fact, you don’t even have to read the paragraph at all just to be reminded on the difference on looking smart and ACTUALLY sounding one…you just have to watch the video.

Just follow the steps and guidelines I compiled and you should be on your way to sounding smart.

For the first part, try using highfalutin words when engaged in a seemingly (TOO) intellectual conversation. For starters, try browsing your dusty dictionary from the shelf of the forgotten and randomly flip through a page and point at a word. You can then learn that word and use it in your own accord. You can do that whil taking the subway  train home, waiting for someone at the park, or sitting in the bathroom. Its relatively easy and economically safe. The keyword is READ. Try to feed your brain with delicious texts. You can also use some of the words below for a good supply of intellectual speech

  1. Cadaverous-adj. deathly pale to the point of resembling a skeleton or corpse
  2. Daunt-v. to make somebody feel anxious, intimidated, or discouraged
  3. Despot-n. a tyrant or ruler with absolute powers
  4. Egress-n. the act of coming or going out of a place
  5. Felicity-n. happiness or contentment
  6. Flux-n. constant change and instability
  7. Gird-v. to prepare yourself for conflict or vigorous activity
  8. Gothic-adj. a style of architecture used in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries
  9. Hovel-n. a small, dirty, or poorly built house, a shack
  10. Penury-n. extreme poverty
  11. Allude-v. to refer to something or somebody indirectly
  12. Beget-v. to be the cause of something
  13. Chafe-v. to become sore or worn by rubbing
  14. Desist-v. to stop doing something
  15. Educe-v. to elicit or derive something
  16. Effrontery-n. behavior or an attitude that is so bold or arrogant as to be insulting
  17. Elite-n. a small group of people within a larger group who have more power, social standing, wealth, or talent than the rest of the group
  18. Feign-v. to make a show or pretense of something
  19. Glean-v. to obtain information in small amounts over a period of time
  20. Imbibe-v. to drink something, especially alcohol
  21. Epitome-n. The best or most representative example of a class or type
  22. Finagle-v. To obtain or achieve something by cleverness or deviousness, especially in using words
  23. Gregarious-adj. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable
  24. Panacea-n. A remedy for all diseases, evils or difficulties; a cure-all
  25. Perfunctory-adj. Done routinely and with little interest or care

Afterwhich, you should also try to at least “act” smart. Simply follow the, slightly less obvious but otherwise true, following which will aid in your quest to achieve a certain level of intelligence, even if it was fake.

  1. Fix your posture. The majority of social communication is body language. Howyou say things is as important as what you say. If you have a tendency to slouch people will think of you as lazy, boring or shy. Roll your shoulders back and keep your chin up in the company of others. Make eye contact with people and convince them that you are confident and enthusiastic about what you are saying. You’ll be surprised how differently people react when you talk to them.
  2. Avoid using both “colorful” and “useless” language. Colorful language would include all of those dirty “cuss” or “curse” words that mommy told you not to use. Useless language includes “like,” “you know,” “yeah,” etc. Compare the following sentences:
    1. That was so, like, awesome as s***!
    2. That was awesome.
    3. That guy is such a, you know, f***ing moron.
    4. That guy is a moron.

    The odd sentences might be fun when you are hanging out with your buds, and others might enjoy your colorful dorky colloquialisms, but if you really want to sound smart then go with the even sentences. Less fluff, less color, more class.

  3. Read the news. People associate being up to date on current events with being smart. By “news” here I’m not talking about pop culture or sports… that stuff doesn’t make you sound smart. You have to read about social issues, politics and world events. Random trivia about what’s going on in foreign places makes for great table discussion and convinces others that you are a citizen of the world. (Bonus points: form an educated opinion about the news you read… but please, know what you are talking about.)
  4. Stop stuttering and don’t say “um.” Stuttering is a serious speech problem, and I believe the tendency to say “um” and “uh” are part of that too. I used to suffer from stuttering and I overcame it by doing two things: speaking slower, and thinking up entire sentences in my mind before saying them. If you find yourself stuttering, stammering, or just plain stuck, stop, think about what you want to say, then say it. Avoid drawing out your sentences with “um” and if you must, speak as slowly as you need to. You might sound slow, but people will have a much easier time understanding you.
  5. Back up your statements with facts. Someone who does nothing but express opinion doesn’t exactly sound like a scholar. I know we are talking about ways tosound smart and not necessarily be smart, but if you’ve accomplished all of the previous tips and you are looking for a challenge, this is my advice: don’t just tell people what you think, but tell them why. Use information that you know to be true and tell others how they can find that information too. Obviously you don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion on something, but it helps to be able to argue your points and explain to others why you believe what you believe.

Also, take note of the following things when engaged in a conversation. This will support the previous steps.

Don’t BS

If the conversation turns to the evolution of Renaissance sculpture and you’re not an art history aficionado, don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know about that.” Don’t fake knowledge. Getting an answer or a fact wrong again and again just makes you look foolish.


If You Catch Someone BS-ing, Correct Them Gently

You don’t want to come off as a smart aleck, but you also don’t want to nod your head when someone says something stupid. There’s a myth of the smarty pants — that you can’t be smart and be cool. But remember — smart people succeed, so why not be smart?


Dialogue, Not Monologue

Don’t turn your knowledge — whether it’s intrinsic or from “The Concise Guide to Sounding Smart at Parties” — into a weapon. No one wants to be lectured at a party. If you prattle on about the timeline of World War I, soon enough, your audience will dwindle down to the backs of party-goers and the French onion dip.


Now, take a deep breath and review what you’ve just read. I’m guessing you pretty much got a whole road ahead of you. But its still a road nonetheless, and all you have to do is just take it step by step. You don’t have to rush, try to familiarize yourself with what you’ve just read and soon enough, looking and sounding smart is just like breathing air. Goodluck to you and your goals.

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  1. matt said, on April 2, 2009 at 1:20 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Shadow_Dracow said, on June 20, 2011 at 4:34 am

    Thank you. Now I won’t sound like a complete mess up in front of my teachers and friends. It was great. Once again, thank you 🙂

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