The 9th Soul

Does everyone prefer the ripest fruit over the unripe ones?

Posted in life, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on May 13, 2009

I was going over some thoughts of how feeble the human heart can get when it comes to drastic changes in emotions, specifically the emotions that play their part during the time the human heart yearns to love and be loved…back.

I compare them now to the human consumption of fruits. We all know that the ripest fruits taste so f*cking good. But is the ripest fruit really the best?

By logical means, the answer would be yes. Why take the partially ripe when you can have the 100% ripe one? that is where logic’s territory in love end and where the human’s unpredictable emotions play out. Simply because: Some people prefer the almost ripe than the ripe ones.Take this situation as an example:


Girl falls in love with long time friend Boy A. Boy A shows no sign of any similar feelings at all, thus putting Girl into the wrong side of being in love, that is, to love without being loved back.

Now Boy B enters the scene. Girl sees Boy B as the better choice seeing that Boy B has everything that Boy A lacks. Boy B notices Girl’s feelings and reacts in the same way. Girl’s unrequited love is no longer unrequited. She finally has someone to share her love with.

But Girl doesn’t seem as happy as she would’ve expected to be. Here was Boy B, he has the looks, the money, the charms, the personality, and everything a girl could ever wish for someone to call a significant other. And then there was Boy A, which seemed to be the incomplete version of Boy B, and shows little to no sign of interest at all at Girl and sees to have his eyes set on someone else. But why does Girl feel sad even though she has the best? its rather confusing isn’t it? to have the very best of the best and still look at the ugly ones.

Its a really hard decision for Girl to make since she’s already happy with Boy B, but she knows deep in her heart that she’ll be even more happier if she was with Boy A, the seemingly imperfect and uninterested one.

What would Girl do? its obviously stupid: She breaks up with Boy B and abandons the love she has and goes to chase Boy A knowing that there is little to no chance that Boy A would be in love with her. Nonetheless, her heart drives her crazy and forces her to take the path of the lonely, one sided love.


Now, by all means, the decision Girl made was a very wrong one. It defies human logic, it exemplifies baseless faith, its like looking for a black cat inside a dark room with no windows and no light. Its a crazy decision but Girl still does it.

So is the ripest fruit really the most preferred? I guess this proves that love makes logic look like poop.

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