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Marriage Class Annoyed Me

Posted in life by Fated Blue on June 23, 2009

Just finished my marriage class today. We got bombarded with a bunch of life stories from our newly wed professor (who looks like say alonzo btw, REALLY HOT).

I wrote a bunch of notes in class that was totally not related to the subject.

They were:

Why is the thought of marriage stressing me?

I am not imagining marriage, I am not imagining my own marriage.

OMG I think I’m afraid of getting married o_O

–_– we just had one of those eye to eye contact moment >_>

Her husband’s desperate lol. Making up stories to get into her pants xD

She tells more about herself than the subject matter

She’s so idealistic, her marriage’s bound to fail.

I wrote all of that while I spent the next 40 minutes listening to her. She’s a great professor and all, but there’s just something about over-idealistic people that makes me want to crush their dreams or something. IDK, must be a complex.

She also made us make a scrapbook of our dream marriage…INDIVIDUALLY. Not only that, she showed us her OWN scrapbook and told us how beautiful it was. Now the standard’s been set. Hurray for my creative side —___—

And we have to do a mock wedding. I’m not exactly a wedding type of guy so I wouldn’t know shit about what goes on in a wedding, save for those I see in movies.

We have to pass that scrapbook before the last few days of our semester (october 2nd week) while we try and get ourselves busy with feasibility studies, our thesis, and a bunch of side projects that are just RARING to be a major pain in the A.

The mock wedding is to be done on the last weeks of our second semester. Maybe March or something.

GAH! I can already tell how she’s just enjoying and savoring the things she makes us want to do. Just because she had a VERY nice wedding, does not give her the right to harass us and try and make us do what she did >_>

Morning was crap. I wanna go home but I got school and an afterclass visit to conduct our feasibility study. LAME!

PS: Tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day. BUT I have to go to some house to shoot a video for our food packaging subject. Goodbye sleep >_>

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