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Ronald Labadlabad, You will be missed.

Posted in health, health defects, life by Fated Blue on June 26, 2009

Ronald Labadlabad was a known brewster since the BrewRATs started 3 years ago. He died of Bacterial Meningitis yesterday. I never saw him personally but we talked a few on ym. We ended up fighting over his stupid PS3 last year and that’s the last time I talked to him. He was known as the illiterate guy and, more recently, as DILG.

He was the most loyal brewster of all.

Here’s a tribute video by palamuninlang, another known brewster.

Here is his multiply site

A tribute party will be done tomorrow night at The Leprechaun bar, Tomas Morato. Starting at 7pm. I wanna go, I really do. But I have school and my thesis to bother. Ronald would’ve wanted me to just pray for him and just do my best.

You’re ym enemy will miss you, you idiot.

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