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Chris Brown does apology: Will you be divine and forgive his err?

Posted in entertainment, internet news, security, youtube shows by Fated Blue on July 21, 2009

I just found out this morning ( 6 AM GMT + 8 ) that Mr.Brown did an apology video. See below:

Now before all of you go “awwww” on him. Let me remind you that he used all the most cliche’d words to make you feel sorry for him. I am not, in anyway, totally burning his white flag down. Its just that I want you guys to think rationally about this.

I mean, he almost took the life out of Rihanna. Not to mention it took like 5 monthsfor him to actually come out in public to say his apology. And he said biblical words like “God” or “pastors” and stuff. It has this “awww” effect on us that makes people feel sorry for him automatically and almost instantaneously.

Not to be rude but I’d forgive him yeah, but I won’t listen to him anymore. I mean he’s even lucky I’m blogging about him.

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