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Chichiraku forums has officially launched

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on August 23, 2009

They’ve officially launched on time from the info they gave me on this link.

Here’s the root site

Judging from the link above, I already expected colors and a child friendly atmosphere. Makes you expect good things to happen in that forum which is always a plus on any website. Well, save for 4chan lulz.

Here is the forum page, if you’re confused as to where to register or you just can’t find the actual forum. If not, then you’re just lazy haha.

Now, if you’re not a registered member yet, the threads you will be seeing will be VERY limited.  How limited? like only 3 threads limited. Now this is a good thing. Why you ask? because it actually forces people to register LOL but seriously, it makes the person curious about this forum.

I mean, If I were a random guy who happened to stumble upon chichiraku by some crazy google search and whatnot, and I see the colors, the designs, the tagline “FUN, FRIENDS, FREEDOM” Wouldn’t I be enticed to some sort of curiosity in which will be satisfied by only a few clicks and types? for FREE? I know I would 🙂

So what’re you all waiting for? JOIN NOW! its HTTP://CHICHIRAKU.ORG

PS: This forum is moderated by my friends. So I guarantee you guys an awesome set of “officers” 😀

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