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Movie Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on August 29, 2009
I love you Rachel!

I love you Rachel!

I was pondering whether I should label this movie romance or drama. I chose romance because it was about lovers, plus it made me mushy inside.

First off: One reason why I bought the book and watched the movie was because of Rachel McAdams. Rachel McAdams happens to be one of my favorite Hollywood actresses of all time. I mean, when I watched “The Notebook”, I knew she was going places, and I thought it would be nice to follow where she goes. Stalker style! haha. Yeah, I got a crush on her, and she’s single again! 🙂 So I read the book because I imagined Rachel McAdams as Clare in the book, so it helped. Specially during the sexy parts!

That was the 1st reason. The second was because the book and movie intrigued me.

I give this movie 4/5 stars. I didn’t expect this movie to be a very good adaptation of the book, so I lowered my standards to objective critic.

I read the book, in fact, I just finished reading it last night. So everything’s fresh. The movie was a good adaptation, for a 2 hour film. I mean, it felt just enough for a movie adaptation, it didn’t leave me wanting more.

The only complain I got against the movie was the fact that it was too fast paced. I mean, they just met for the first time, then the next minute they were getting married. I only wish they invested a little more time on their lives when Clare was a child and on their married life. It felt too fast, even if it was supposed to be fast paced. It was TOO fast paced. But for general audiences who never read the book, ’twas okay, just kinda confusing if you have no idea what is going on when some other Henry pops out of nowhere.

But the real reason why i scored it a good 4, was because it had that feel of bitter-sweetness, just like the book. I don’t know  if it was because I just finished reading the book, but I really felt the characters’ emotions. Even if it was a short film (for a 500 page book. LoTR was 3 hours long and it had barely 380 pages per book), I immediately get what the movie was trying to make me feel.

So thank you, Brad Pitt, for being the executive producer of this film 🙂 Brad Pitt must’ve really liked the book so much, he thought of seeing it on the big screen.

I think they (Bana and McAdams) fit the role perfectly. I could not imagine anyone else playing the role of Clare and Henry.

This film’s definitely worth buying the ORIGINAL DVD release. Its one of those one-day-this-will-be-a-collector’s-item movies.

I can already see Rachel McAdams being the next Queen of Hollywood drama. Ever since “Notebook”, I knew I’d love her on-screen appearances.

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