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Crayon Shin-chan Mangaka Dies from Cliff Accident

Posted in entertainment, internet news by Fated Blue on September 22, 2009


On Sunday, authorities have identified the body discovered at Arafune mountain as that of missing Crayon Shin-chan manga creator Yoshito Usui through dental records and other means.

The body was discovered 120 meters below the mountain’s Tomoiwa cliff and reported at about 10:25 a.m. on Saturday by a male climber. Usui’s backpack, camera, and other items had fallen about 50 meters away. Inside Usui’s backpack was his mobile phone, wallet, and clothes. A police helicopter from Gunma Prefecture airlifted the body on Sunday afternoon. Police from the nearby town of Shimonita concluded that the 51-year-old creator died from collapsed lungs and other injuries sustained across his entire body sometime in the afternoon of September 11.

It was later conceptualized that he accidentally fell from a cliff while taking photographs

According to Futabasha in a Monday news conference, the last photograph in Usui’s digital camera was of the bottom of the cliff from the vantage point of the top. Futabasha‘s staffers believe that Usui accidentally fell while taking photographs of the cliff.

May you rest in peace. Shin-chan will always be a part of my childhood memories.

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