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Leona Lewis got punched, New DaVinci Painting costs $151 123 000, PGMA ranks 9 Hottest head of state

Posted in entertainment, internet news, politics, Random, science by Fated Blue on October 15, 2009

I always listen to the radio program “Good times with Mo” at Magic 89.9 every morning at 6 am to 9 am. I always get some of the most awesome news and facts from this show. Not only does this show give you something entertaining to listen to in the morning, it also educates you about the wonders of the world that you may otherwise be unaware about.

Like for this day’s blog for example.

1. Leona Lewis got punched in the face by some random dude

It’s basically about how Ms. Lewis got punched in the face while she had her book signing day. This one really shocked me. I mean, how would it feel like to be punched by some guy you didn’t know existed for no apparent or clear reason what so ever? What more if you were a woman?

2. Fingerprints of Leonardo DaVinci makes $19,000.00 painting rise to $151,123,000.00

Imagine buying an antique of some sort worth about $100.00. Research finds out that the antique was made by some very famous dead artist and makes it worth a million times more. Yeah, that would be very sweet indeed.

3. PGMA ranks 9th hottest head of state in the world, Obama ranks 15

FINALLY! Something to be proud of. I never thought how hot Mrs. Arroyo is until this website launched its ranking. Keep in mind, it was totally based on the LOOKS department. Nothing about corruption, wealth, development, or anything else political was taken into consideration, just the physicals.

Now wasn’t that fun to read? 🙂 My first blog since the storms hit the country.

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