The 9th Soul

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox!

Posted in internet news by Fated Blue on November 10, 2009

I’ve been using Firefox since 2006 and I have to say, it’s well equipped to be compatible to about 90% of websites I visit.

Here’s an article regarding Firefox’s birthday courtesy of Mashable.

Originally an experimental branch of the Mozilla project, a new web browser was launched on November 9, 2004: Firefox 1.0. Its aim was to reduce Mozilla’s bloat (if you remember those early days, the Mozilla Suite consisted of a web browser, mail client, news reader, irc client; it even had a web page creator called Mozilla Composer), and it was an instant hit among users and developers alike.

Five years later, and Firefox holds a quarter of the browser market, and while technically not being the most popular (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still clings to that honor), it’s definitely the most prominent browser, with thousands of plugins (add-ons, they’re called), a busy developer community, and over 330 million users.

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