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Taylor Swift’s Monologue on SNL: She Pwns the Men of Her Life!

Posted in entertainment, youtube shows by Fated Blue on November 10, 2009

OMG! I am soooooo late on this! Gah! I missed the episode, but thanks to your friendly webborhood Youtube, I was able to see her monologue which made her name echo throughout the blogosphere, screaming girl power!

Watch this:

Now tell me that wasn’t hilarious! I mean, come on! the last thing you’d expect Swift to do is to be a comedian right? Well, looks like she has a fall back if she decides to retire from singing, which may never happen, ever.

More after the cut

Other videos include SNL’s segments, one specially spoofing the twilight saga, substituting Edward Cullen with Frankenstein. Yup, Frankenstein. It’s called “Firelight” since Frankenstein’s main phobia is fire. Oh, at 0:49, Taylor Swift looks sexy!

Watch this:

I just LOVE how Taylor does Bella’s “Run my hand through my hair to my ear” mannerism! haha

I hope SNL have more guests that does the unexpected!

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