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Response to an irrationally irate member

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on November 25, 2009

I reviewed someone’s work so well that he had to hate me back. Check below to see the flow of conversation we both had. He’s a Filipino like me.


Well, thanks for your comment
but this is my style of sharing my sentiments
and I think there is no definite rule to be follwed in poetry….
besides, that and which are conjunctions with the same functions .

thanks for the visit brother and more power

I still reviewed his works


well, brother its your right to correct
well, can you visit my poetry site at***** and
do some correction specially with spelling,
diction and coherence of words and tenses

sometimes I can’t edit them for I write
as they come in my mind direct to the

I apprecate if you have the time doing so

best wishes

He even tried to review mine, to which he got pissed because this was my reply to him


First off, thanks for reviewing my work, specially that I’m the first review you did. We have a rule here though, that we can’t post any works until we have at least 2 reviews. You clearly disobeyed that rule but all is fine. Just one more review and you should be out of the blue.

Here’s my reply to your review, in case you don’t read my response.

yeah thanks. but if i did what you have suggested, i’d be wrong in tenses and plurality.

thanks. you have nice ideas though you pretty much changed the whole context of it.

correcting someone is not equal to making the work your own.

what you did was take the work as your own and spitting it right back telling them “THIS is how it’s supposed to be done”.

nice try though

Your review was very surprising. You’ve improved on grammar and sentence construction greatly. Keep it up.

Which he then replied


thanks again for your message.

Well, i am not really so aggressive in reviewing other’s work as I see no significance on my part. Besides, I am not a gramarian per se being an accountant by profession. I just got the passion of writing poetry ever since i was in high high school. Some like the way I wrote while many didn’t dare to read even. Nevertheless, their are those that appreciated the uniqueness of my style.

I am not actually a good poet, but definitely, I can write and express myself with rhythm and melody as I weaved words to display my thoughts, emotions, experiences, concepts and convictions in life.

I am not really amenable in critiquing others works as I respected their own ways, style and capability. This is the very reason why, I seldom critique or give bad comments or correction to others products. I was really surprised that their are those who pretend to be more intelligent than others as if they have all the monopoly of knowledge and better understanding of things in this world. Anyway, wisdom comes to those who seek it with pureness of thoughts and conviction.

I hope to always hear from you and if you have time, do critique my works.

thanks a lot and more power

So I finally just jumped in the flames to have my own fun.


Regarding the review system…

It is actually more of an ethical thing to do rather than a rule here.

You see, members who just post and post their works here and not review well or anything AT ALL are supposed to be ignored. This website was put up so fellow writers can help each other thru reviewing/critiquing.

I actually expected you to be upset since your first pm to me. I was just playing you for a while LOL. But I see this little grammar issue has got the best of you.

Your message right now makes me think that you cannot take criticisms. You need not state any information as an excuse or valid reason for the correction done to you.

I find it funny that you’re an accountant and you can’t even correct your own work since accountants are supposed to be good, or at least well versed, in the English language.

Since you provided yours, I’ll provide mine.

I’m a student right now and I’m currently NOT enrolled in a literature degree nor is the program I’m in anywhere near that of the arts and literature. My main focus right now is chemistry, math,engineering,and food science. My “course” does not require me to be well off in the English language while yours make you master it.

Accountants often work with word problems in college, specially with depreciation and accrual of interests. I know because I took basic accounting and even my professor said that their major is not math but English. I’m not good in English but I strive to look up words and phrases just so my readers won’t have a hard time reading.

Isn’t that ironic Mr.Banggolay? If you can’t have mastery of language, what more someone like me who doesn’t even have English as a major?

I understand that English isn’t your primary language but it doesn’t excuse you nor anyone not to learn how to use it properly. With the current technology we have right now, and with the invention and innovation of the internet, we can learn pretty much anything with a click of a mouse.

Earlier, you stated that you write your works on a whim which may seem like a good excuse but it isn’t. Ever heard of spell check? Why not review your own work before clicking “publish” or “submit”. There’s even a “preview” button right next to it which serves as a means of seeing any noticeable errors.

I am not really amenable in critiquing others works as I respected their own ways, style and capability

True. We all respect each other’s works here. BUT the purpose of this website is to show your work and let others light knowledge and wisdom over it. It’s a give and take relationship we have here. Imagine if EVERYONE thinks the same way as you do. No one will grow as a good writer. No one will review/criticize anyone because they “respect” them.

If you just post and post and post without reviewing, that in itself is already a selfish act. You want others to read your works and critique them you but you don’t want to do anyone that favor.

Those people use their time, effort, and even sometimes, lose sleep over a work so that the author may know his mistakes or if he could make the work better or more interesting. What you did on mine was merely making the work your own when it isn’t. You don’t criticize by taking the works of others and telling them “this is how it’s supposed to be done”. What I did to your works, which were awfully wrong in grammar anyway, was put you in the right track. I didn’t claim the work, I just corrected spelling and grammar which is supposed to be standard correction in case you are not aware.

Imagine if you’re favorite book author used the wrong grammar you used in your works, would you still read the book? What if your local newspaper was littered with so many errors? Would you still buy that newspaper? These authors undergo spell checks, grammar analysis, even thru hardcore critiques just to get an opinion. They sometimes pay them large sums of money just so they can have a professional’s approval.

It wouldn’t hurt to have good grammar. I mean, just look at “Twilight”. That book had good grammar but it was ridiculed nonetheless by Stephen King and hundreds more credible authors. What more if the grammar was wrong?

It is insulting for the ones who read your work to be “forced” to read rather than enjoy it. Reading your work is like them doing you a favor and what do you show them? Errors in spelling, sentence construction, wrong grammar, wrong tenses, misplaced verbs, etc.

It’s writers’ ethics. If you want them to read your work, read theirs first. Being an accountant, you should know the basic principles of “balancing”. You must give equal to what you take. It’s just that you must give more in this site by reviewing.

I was really surprised that their are those who pretend to be more intelligent than others as if they have all the monopoly of knowledge and better understanding of things in this world.

I’m sorry if I seemed harsh on you but I had all the good intentions in all my reviews. This would really seem that you want people to criticize your work but when someone actually does it, you hate on them.

If you missed it, here’s the rule on grammar in this site

3. Chatspeak or really bad grammar: We’re a writing community so chatspeak isn’t allowed (aside from smilies and common acronyms like ‘lol’). In the same vein, we want all posts to be using decent grammar. Nobody expects anyone’s grammar to be even close to perfect, but if you feel like stabbing your eyes out after reading a post, report it. Please note that this does not apply to literary works! For literary works, you can critique instead of report.

If you don’t criticize the works you read then you are depriving that author his right to be corrected and criticized. You are then prohibiting that author to grow as a good writer.

Again, I am not supposed to be reviewing you since you had like 0 reviews then (now you have 1). This site wants to promote a trade of reviews and constructive criticism. If you have less than 5 then that means you are either a newbie or just plain lazy to critique. More likely than not, we opt for the latter reason.

So why not build a good image by reviewing? Try some short poetry. Don’t be lazy, don’t give me that “I respect their ways of writing” crap. It’s not even a valid argument. Not doing anything at all is worse than doing something wrong. Why? because doing something, whether wrong or not, means you are THINKING, you are RISKING, and you can make a DECISION while doing nothing simply means you’re not capable of deciding on anything. Even the Bible states that.

Funny how we should’ve learned basic English when we were still in elementary and yet you who is already a professional doesn’t even have mastery over it.

I don’t know what happens when you write your works but the messages you send me seem to be almost without tarnish. Why can’t you do the same to your work? Don’t you respect your works? If it is truly a passion, why not aim to be best at it? It’s just a regular past time for me too, but I take writing seriously. You are what you write after all.

In which I think pwnt him so much he didn’t reply after. /gg 😀

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  1. endlessnightmares said, on November 25, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    ahahaha…i think you did pwnt him so good that he might’ve peed in his trousers as he read your PM…XDD omg anima, laugh trip

    ~yuki :]

  2. anima9 said, on November 25, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    ^damn…i sounded like an a-hole when i re-read it now. i apologized to the poor guy. can’t sleep like this >.<

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