The 9th Soul

R.I.P. Charles Abrena. I’m sorry to just hear about your recent departure.

Posted in life, youtube shows by Fated Blue on December 5, 2009

I was on my way home last night when an HS friend of mine saw me and we decided to go home together. We talked and reminisced about a lot of things, namely HS life. I ended up asking “How’s Charles? I miss that dude. It’s been 6 years!” and then my friend, surprised, said “You didn’t know?! Charles’ dead.”

I was like “WTF?! HOW?!”

She said that he committed suicide and was unsure of how or why, but she and her friends said that it was spread throughout Facebook.

I couldn’t believe it myself. I never did see that update mainly because of school work and other agendas that got in the way.

I was Charles’ classmate in HS when he was studying in LCC Pasig (2nd year). He got kicked out from Lourdes Mandaluyong and was forced to be in our school. We had our own share of ups and downs but Charles and I were school buddies right ’til the end of the said year. He transferred the following year.

I felt sad the whole way home. To think that I was supposed to look for him in Facebook that morning, but decided to let it wait ’til I finished the whole day’s work. I was really looking forward to having contact with him again, since I haven’t heard from him since March 2004.

Had I not met my friend last night, I would’ve still been left out of the news of his death.

I googled his name and found the following links by friends.

Link 1

Link 2

From this, I learned that he was studying at DLSU and was taking Marketing. He was said to not seem like the suicidal type because

He’s always smiling and cracking jokes.

One of my sources stated that

He fell from the 9th floor of his friend’s condo. I’m not sure if he chose to jump or if it was an accident or if there was foul play; all I know is he was under the influence of alcohol.

From the search I made, I also found a tribute video. If you wish to see what he looks like and how funny he was when he was still on Earth, please watch the video.

Where ever you are Charles, know that one of your friends misses you a lot.

PS: You can drink all the beer and smoke all the cigarettes you want now. I hope you’re happy.

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