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Congratulations to Pots; 4F1 Christmas Party Aftermath

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on December 12, 2009

Our section had our Christmas party last nigh until early this morning. Prior to that, we went to watch our classmate Pots win the crown and be hailed Mr. Education (The pageant was Mr. and Ms. Education). He will now be competing against other colleges and hopefully, he’ll bag it all! Congratulations! 4F1 will support you!

We then went to our classmate’s place in Commonwealth where the party was held. I never thought that I’d do the things I did last night. Seriously.

One of which is that I actually found out that I am allergic to large amounts of alcohol that I ended up being all red and feeling all hot, as in Sahara desert hot. I also only had 3-4 shots of whatever it was they gave me. I remember one was “The Bar” and the other was a “Bacardi” or something. I can’t really recall but I said some of the craziest things when I was under the influence!

It was okay I guess, the drinking. I’ll just drink whenever I’m with people I care about. Also, I’ll never tell my folks about this. They’d kill me the moment they know this! They’re really against me drinking. But I figured once in a while couldn’t hurt. I won’t be bloated because of alcohol! I promise!

I also realized that I’ve been missing so much when I opted not to go to these sorts of gatherings before. I really had fun. So much fun in fact that I won’t mind repeating it all over again.

One of our classmates, who had too much to drink, broke down emotionally. I guess he had all those things kept inside that he just had to release them all at once. I’m just happy no one was seriously hurt.

There was this one thing that would probably bother me for the rest of my life.

I was in the bedroom, trying to have a little rest since I was actually drunk for the first time. This girl (whose name I won’t mention but if you know me, you should know who this is) was more drunk than I was. When she made too much noise about how she had to go to the bathroom, I barely screamed “Ang ingay mo!” (You’re too loud!). To which she replied “WALA AKONG PAKI SA’YO!” (I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU!).

If there’s one thing I know about drunk people is that they barely lie or at least barely control themselves from telling the truth. It really hurt me. She’s this girl I really care about and I guess when she said that, it was like I got stabbed hard.

But I’m happy she said that to me. We don’t even talk to each other, so I guess I’m happy she finally told how she truly feels about me.

I still care for her though. I mean, I should be. I’m grateful to her since she made me do things I really didn’t know I was capable of. One of those things is my “talent” for writing. Hell yeah, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even have a WordPress account.

That is all for this article. Thank you for reading.

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