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UST Paskuhan “Hangover”: Simply the best Paskuhan ever

Posted in entertainment, life by Fated Blue on December 19, 2009

I went to UST at around 8 am to do our thesis. In a nutshell, we really didn’t do anything! haha

The theme was “4 Horas. 4 Dias. 400 Days. 400 Taon” to simply explain that the event would be held for 4 hours, 4 day ’til the actual day to start off the 400 days countdown, and lastly, because UST will be celebrating it’s 400 years of being an amazing academic institution.


Then off to Paskuhan! It started drizzling but since God was on our side, it stopped just before the clock struck 6 pm.

The whole event started at around 7:45 pm (GMT+8). It started off with the Salinggawi Dance Troupe performing their signature stunts. A costume parade showcasing the various eras UST has witnessed. Miriam Quiambao showed up and the countdown to 400 began. The Rector did a prayer with the 400 candles lit. The lighting of the torches was awesome in itself. Talk about climbing the Main Building, lighting the giant “torch” there, zip line towards the Granstand while a show of fireworks is displayed, then the official Quadricentennial Flag was shown. The Swatch Countdown timer was also revealed.

The introduction itself was very overwhelming, easily surpassing previous Paskuhan events.

Everything had a relationship to UST this year.

Various Thomasian alumni performed and guested on stage. I’m sorry to say that I only remember Beverly Salviejo, Isay Alvarez, Jamie Rivera, JC Cuadrado, Archie Alemania, and Kim Atienza who also hosted the event.

Faculty performances were also showcased by doing folk dances. I even saw 3 of my professors there! haha

Two famous local bands performed. 6 Cyclemind performed with about 8 songs in total, 2-3 of which catered to Eraserheads fans. Sandwich performed last, just after the fireworks. They only performed 4-5 songs but it was well done, specially when they ended with the song “Laklak”. The two bands performed so well that they were able to bend the songs to be dedicated to UST, replacing lyrics with words such as “Thomasian”, “UST”, “Tomasino”, etc. The whole concert was filled with everyone singing together, jumping up and down, rocking on…it was just pure fun and excitement from start to finish. As it turns out, 6 Cyclemind’s bassist is an alumnus of UST’s Faculty of Engineering, to which he said that he really like eating at “Mang Toots”, while Raymund Marasigan was born at the UST Hospital.

Aside from them, seminarists also performed with an awesome “I gotta feeling” song by the B.E.P. Those guys were so awesome!

One of my favorite moments in the whole event was the singing of the Quadricentennial song. It was really about the life of a Thomasian. A student who went through hell with storms, floods, conflicts, tough times, it was really just for UST. No other schools can relate to our song. The prize money of P150,000.00 was too small for this song’s caliber. I almost cried when they sang it on stage and the way the whole of UST was singing…it was just spectacular.

Of course, no Paskuhan will be complete without the forever awesome fireworks display. It only lasted about 9 minutes but every second of those 9 minutes was just splendid. Nothing went wrong, everything was in sync, colors, lights, flashes, explosions, everything was perfect to the very last “kaboom”. It ended around 1 am with Sandwich as the last performance.

This is the best Paskuhan I’ve ever attended, also the probably the best Paskuhan to date. I’m glad I attended this one knowing that this year is my last stay as a student. I will continue to love UST. I will surely miss this school. I’ll be sure to go back every year to witness this grandeur event.

Quadricentennial song

Paskuhan Fireworks display

I got the whole thing on a cam phone. It’s low quality though, but I’ll try to upload it here on my WordPress or even on Youtube.

PS: All pictures posted here are from an “ordinary” Sony Cybershot. I got around 200 pictures but I really can’t find the time to upload.

Disclaimer: I do not own the videos.

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  1. RJ said, on December 19, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Hey fellow thomasian! May I use some of your photos for my blog entry? Rest assured, the credits for the pics are yours. =) I hope you don’t mind.

  2. anima9 said, on December 19, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Sure LOL. BTW, my name’s also RJ xD

  3. RJ said, on December 20, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Sorry naman. erevera kaya ung asa facebook mo.hehe pero thanks anyway. =)

  4. RJ said, on December 20, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Revera pala

  5. anima9 said, on December 20, 2009 at 8:30 am

    LOL Rivera po 🙂

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