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So there’s this girl at school…

Posted in entertainment, life, Random by Fated Blue on January 7, 2010

…She bugs the crap out of me.

…She annoys me every time I see her.

…She has this really annoying monotone voice.

…She has this height that I really hate: Not small, not tall.

…She is the very reason I hate coming to class.

…She has this weird sneeze that really fucks up my concentration.

…She has those eyes that look weird when she looks at the board with one side of her head tilted towards it.

…She has this laugh that I really just cannot tolerate.

…She has this penchant for luxurious stuff that I really hate about the rich. Die, Gucci.

…She changes her bag everyday like some psycho who changes her bag everyday.

…She once had this annoying long hair, now she has this annoying short hair.

…She makes the stupidest sound when she has a cold. Alien-like.

…She screams like a siren from an ambulance with a megaphone to amplify the sound.

…She is so vain that mirrors have to look good when they see her.

…She thinks fat people are ugly. If you’re fat and she likes you, you’re an idiot.

…She can’t stand the sight of people eating “fatty” foods. She’d puke or tell them how sick it is to eat chicken skin.

…She used to be fat herself, now we know why she hates fat people.

…She thinks she’s so sexy. Too bad only shallow men like her.

…She doesn’t mind being touched anywhere by men.

…She thinks the best things in the world are the things she wants like diamonds and Gucci perfumes.

…She hates you once you point out a tiny error in her actions.

…She does not accept apologies from people she hates.

…She, however, accepts gifts from them.

…She prefers rich guys.

…She hates guys who court her if they don’t have a spanking new car.

…She hangs out with uglier women to let herself be seen more and be more outstanding.

…She will never listen to the people she hates.

…She likes men who are really stupid to begin with. Don’t ask me why.

…She has this gay friend that she’s just using as a shield once something bad happens in her relationship.

…She kisses men who give her presents.

…She spits at men who give her presents that aren’t worth more than P3000.00

…She probably wouldn’t mind being triple penetrated as long as the men are rich and they give her Gucci.

…She likes to think about how to have more gifts and more suitors.

…She fantasizes that she’s a Victoria’s Secret model every damn second. WTF.

…She likes to think she should’ve been the college representative for the school pageant.

…She abuses people. Don’t need to elaborate.

…She “spies” on people’s profiles thinking that there is no way they’ll know.

…She doesn’t know a thing about the internet. Okay, maybe Facebook and Youtube. That’s a lot.

…She probably hates you for even reading this.

…She can’t get herself out of the mess she made for herself.

…She’s just stupid.

…She almost killed me one time. Fuck, she didn’t even notice it.

…She’ll receive my revenge one day.

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  1. jimmy said, on April 25, 2010 at 11:58 am

    i guess someones in love…. and its not me……

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