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Movie Review: AVATAR – “Movie perfection or close enough to be one”

Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on January 10, 2010

Best Movie of 2009

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I was unable, much of my dissappointment, to watch AVATAR on an IMAX theater due to both lack of time and work to be done in a short amount of time. (I would like to thank my college professors for that)

I don’t want to spoil anyone so if you’re planning to watch it and just want to see a review, I’m going to say go ahead and watch it on the biggest screen with the biggest speakers you could find. In a nutshell, this film’s almost perfect. Also, this film might have you hating humanity afterwards. LOL


Graphics/Visuals: 10/10

I’ve always wondered what it would be like for people to actually make something digital into something comparable to reality. This film, along with other films like it, never failed to bring digital dreams to reality. We are talking about 3D and real people so close to each other in the film but you wouldn’t really know which one is real. I mean, some parts of the movie would make you think that the 3D “blue people” are more real than the human ones.

I really love the whole “This planet is teeming with life and nature is abound, untouched by man” thing to the whole “Pandora” planet. Nothing else excites me in a sci-fi movie than seeing neo-animals such as neo-spiders, neo-dogs, neo-lizards and the such. It’s like seeing this big dragon you’ve always imagined on screen, and someone else drew it for you and made it “real”. Not to mention those awesome plants that light up or spin around and stuff. To a natural science fanatic like me, seeing things like that would always give me hints like “this plant is inspired by this plant” moments.

The scenery was just wow. You wouldn’t know it was fake if you didn’t know shit about computers or if it was your first time to be aware of digital technology. It was as surreal as it could get. Plus, being on a sci-fi world, it was very breath taking. I remember moments in the film where I literally stopped breathing with my eyes wide open and jaw dropped.

The colors in the film were also fantastically made and rendered. It wasn’t too dark nor too bright. It was heaven for the eyes. It didn’t make me go “OH SHIT! THAT BLINDED ME!” or “CAN’T SEE…NEED…LIGHT!”. In short, it wasn’t capable of giving anyone a seizure which was a big plus considering that it was a visually enticing movie.

Sounds: 9/10

This here is somewhat dependent on the thing or place you are watching it on. Since I watched it inside a well equipped theater, the sounds were great. I can’t say for certain for those who watched it on a laptop or on a living room.

Every sound made was very realistic in a sense that it was down to the very faint echo done by a bunch of unknown and unseen insects. The rustling of the leaves, the falling of the rocks, you’d think you were watching a “real people” film.

I also appreciated the screams and growls of the various animals and people there. Very natural for an artificially made movie.

Plot/Story: 10/10

I’d like to think that the main plot of the movie was how human greed destroys everything in it’s path.

In the film, the Na’vi (blue people) resembled the Native Americans of USA (Indians) and the people were the invaders. The Na’vi were there first and has been left undisturbed before humans came in. The humans, fueled by greed, decided to invade their sacred land (Holy is a better term) simply because it has this mineral called “unobtanium” that seems to be worth “20 million dollars per kilo” (according to the movie).

Everything would’ve been fine since the whole planet is thriving with the said mineral. But since they are near the “Holy Tree”, it just so happened that the very soil beneath that tree has the most abundant source of the said mineral on the planet. It had to be since it was a very holy place to begin with.

Now our hero, Jake, was originally assigned as a peacemaker although a war was inevitable either way. It was just for show I guess, for the humans to have a “We didn’t want to hurt them but they forced us to. We are very sorry.” moment in the press when asked about the morality of the takeover.

Because of the fact that the Na’vi were able to speak English (because of a scientist who established a school there), Jake became very close to them, to the village leader’s daughter specially. He immersed himself with their life and culture. In the end, he preferred to live with them and plans on defending them and their homeland.

I find the concept of “Trust what your heart tells you to do what’s right” very romantic in this movie. Not only did Jake decided to do what was right, but he also did it for the beings that seemed more human than the ones he came along with. I also fell in love with the whole “I lived when I was dreaming” feel. Jake was living a very sad life before he became a Na’vi. His legs are paralyzed, he’s an ex-marine, and his life on Earth seemed to suck. When he became one of the Na’vi, he lived his dream; he can walk, run, jump; he’s strong; he can be someone who won’t be treated differently.

The part where it got me excited was when the joint forces of the Na’vi and Eywa decided to unleash their almightiness against the robot-wielding, gun-trotting, murderers who call themselves humans. I also loved the part where the animals who wanted to kill Jake and the Na’vi decided to help them in this war. Such was the power of Eywa in such a very concrete yet abstract display. The part where the humans destroyed their home really got me pissed. “Murderers” I whispered. Yes, I was really into the movie. Which is always a good thing.

In the end, the humans lost (HELL YEAH!) and they were sent back to their already ruined Earth. Jake now calls them “Aliens” since he decided that he is now of Pandora, no longer of Earth. Jake and the whole of Pandora prevented what those aliens would’ve done to his home planet. +1 to Jake.


This movie is a definite must watch and must re-watch. I’ll be buying this on Blu-ray or at least, on DVD.

PS: DAMN! Neytiri is so hot!

She's capable of striking the hearts of many...literally.

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  3. hush said, on March 31, 2010 at 1:45 am

    hi.. plzzz i need a movie review of this avatar movie in tagalog version…thanks!

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