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Johnny Depp is NOT DEAD. Fake CNN website spreads rumor

Posted in entertainment, internet news by Fated Blue on January 24, 2010

THIS SITE claims that actor Johnny Depp died in a car accident. This is all FALSE.

Why? Because the website claims to be CNN when the actual CNN website doesn’t even have any breaking news nor any related news about Depp’s accident nor his alleged “death”.

This lie has spread throughout the internet like fire with popular websites and social networking sites serving as a medium like twitter.

To see how stupid people are, check the date of the news.

Read the freaking date. Click to enlarge.

People could at least REMEMBER to read the date of the news they are reading. Does this mean that we still live in an age where the gullible and the gross ignorant are still at large?

DO NOT BELIEVE what this website claims.

Johnny Depp lives.

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