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Vote for Pots Felicita and Cindy Miranda for Mr. & Ms. Ideal Thomasian Personality

Posted in life, Random by Fated Blue on February 6, 2010

Vote for Pots Felicita

Pots is the reigning Mr. Education, a food technology student, and he has the wits and the charm that makes the women around him melt in awe of his mere presence. A very approachable guy, he can instantly make friends with anyone who approaches him. Known not only for his looks but for his charm, he has what it takes to be the next Mr. Ideal Thomasian Personality.

Vote for Pots Felicita by either clicking on the picture or this link.

Vote for Cindy Miranda

Cindy is the reigning Ms. CTHM, a tourism student, and she has the aura of simple yet elegant display of aestheticism and sophistication that ranks 2nd to none. A known beauty queen, she had joined plentiful beauty pageants which enabled her to have more than enough experience and prestige to be the next Ms. Ideal Thomasian Personality.

You can vote for Cindy Miranda by clicking on the picture or this link

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