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MTV Philippines End with “Video Killed the Radio Star”

Posted in entertainment, life, Special posts, youtube shows by Fated Blue on February 16, 2010

In lieu with the recent passing of MTV Philippines, I watched it all the way ’til this song entitled “Video Killed the Radio Star” played as the last song in their playlist.

After that was a long black screen of nothingness.

It wasn’t really special and all…supposedly.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on how bloggers responded to MTV Philippines’ demise, this tumblr blogger unknowingly gave whoever was in control of this twitter account the idea of the last song to be played.

Farewell MTV Philippines. I cannot anymore add anything to say to you after thousands upon thousands of people have already said their own personal piece. I can only offer this little space in my blog in your remembrance.

Thank you for all the good days and nights. Thank you for Ramon Bautista specially. Also to Sarah Meier and KC Montero.

See you in the future!

PS: Prior to the last video, Semisonic’s “Closing time” became the penultimate song of MTV Philippines. To the ordinary watcher they just seemed to be random songs. But to fans like us, they give meaning and emotion on a very subtle, humble, and very passionate goodbye.

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  1. Laarni said, on February 16, 2010 at 9:01 am

    Trivia: Video Killed the Radio Star video is the first music video ever made.
    Laters, MTV Phils. :>

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