The 9th Soul

Congratulations to Pots and Cindy!

Posted in life by Fated Blue on February 17, 2010

To everyone who voted and supported my friends Pots Felicita and Cindy Miranda, I offer you guys a big fat THANK YOU.

They both won people’s choice and both of them got 1st runner-up which is still number 1.

Although I somehow knew they weren’t going to be crowned. Early on, I saw Ms. Pharmacy’s get up and she was DASHING. I then began to doubt whether Cindy could bag Ms. UST. She didn’t but she did end up bagging almost ALL the awards. Ms. Pharmacy deserved it since the answer she gave to the final question was just mind blowing in a sense that even those without minds would suddenly have one and it’ll be blown away. The same went to Mr. Pharmacy. His answer bagged him the crown while my friend Pots got the special awards along with 1st runner-up.

This pageant is the first TSITP pageant I’ve ever attended. I enjoyed it despite the technical problems, time constraints, stress, and the usual fear-of-death-while-traveling-home-since-it’s-way-past-curfew moment.

The author of this blog wishes the both of them a very merry CONGRATULATIONS!

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