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Farewell kawai5210, you lived and passed while others just existed and vanished

Posted in health, health defects, life by Fated Blue on April 8, 2010

I haven’t logged in Pex all day and this is the news I get. I made a blog about him recently to spread his positive outlook despite his unfortunate circumstance.

Their friend got a message from misty which provided the unfortunate news

Misty texted me again:

April 8, 2010

3:43 pm

“________(Kawai)’s no longer with us….”

Kawai already passed away this afternoon.

I am gonna try to call Misty. This is a very sad day.

Their friend also shared some of his messages to her just so everyone would know how happy he spent the last days of his life.

Now that he is gone, I think, i should share with everyone some of his messages to me, well, just parts of it, for everyone to see how positive he was in dealing with his sickness and how happy he was with Misty.

“Jazz sa’yo ko unang sasabihin ang nangyari! I’m going to Taiwan this coming week!!!!  Ang saya-saya ko Jazz! Anyway sa’yo ko unang sinabi kasi you’re the one who really pushed me to do it and encouraged me to tell her na mahal ko sya.”

“Hi Jazz!!!  Lunch time na, kain na ok. Nakakainip ang day na’to. Haha! Gusto ko na kasi and sobrang excited na ‘ko mag Wednesday afternoon! Kinakabahan din kasi tomorrow makakaharap ko na si misty ng face to face. Most of the time i feel so weak na but ngayon sobrang ang lakas ng pakiramdam ko.”

“Good morning Jazz!!!!  Kumusta ka na? So anong masasabi mo sa picture namin ni Misty? Tawa sya ng tawa dun sa solo picture ko na ipinadala sa’yo kasi para daw ako naputulan ng finger. Jean I’m so happy that I’m with her now! Sa airport nya ako sinabihan ng I love you too and lakas loob kiniss ko sya at nakalimutan ko na ang daming tao duon. Buti na lang deadma ang mga intsik! Haha 

“And Jazz, thank you…Haha!  Ikaw talaga yung nagtulak sa akin magsabi sa kanya. After ko kasi mabasa yung post mo parang oo nga dapat ngayon na! So eto, I’m enjoying the best moments in my life with her…”

and part of his last message to me:

“Happy Easter Jazz!!  Thank you always…..Ingat lagi ha..”

Kawai, thank you. I will never forget this. may God be with you in your journey…

There’s this thread made by one of his dear friends to make sure everyone who knew him would share their grief over his passing. His distance will most likely be a hindrance for an official wake but the thread should suffice.

After all, everyone knew him as a forumer and everyone will remember him being one and more.

Let His will be done. His suffering has ended at the very least. His lucky to have attained his goal in such a short period of time. Most people never realize their goal up until it’s too late or not at all.

I didn’t know him any more than I did online. Yet his story made me feel vulnerable to everything despite my supposed strengths. I’m just happy he didn’t waste his life. In fact, I’d like to think he lived his life far better than most who had time to spare.

To kawai: You were blessed to know the destiny you were given. Rest well, for you have lived life in such a short amount of time; far more than any of us would have done. Please watch over those who cared for you right up to the end. Make them strong and never leave their side. Give misty the strength to love once more. Let your story be an inspiration to all of us who know you.

To God: Thank you for giving him enough time to realize his destiny. May you take care of him for all of us with hopes of us seeing him in heaven after we leave this world as well. Until then, inspire us as you have inspired him.

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