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I need help for my dog. Mammary tumor, very large.

Posted in health, health defects, life, Special posts by Fated Blue on April 13, 2010

I need help. I’m currently crying as I type this.

My dog is at least 11 years old and we’ve had her in the family since she was born. She has this really big (palm size, 5×5) mammary tumor and I fear that it’s causing her pain. It’s really big and really firm. Like a pandesal but very hard. It began sagging last week. Months before her tumor went large (barely an inch thick), I took her to the vet and the vet told me a surgery could be done but it may end up killing her in the process due to her age.

Since then, my dog was still very active as if she’s not sick at all. But this morning, after my morning jogs, I came home and she wasn’t there to meet me at the gates like she usually does. I searched for her and found her sitting near our garden, she was obviously trying to stand up for me. I made her lie down and I immediately checked on her tumor and it was swelling very badly.
I fed her by hand this time as if I was attending to the sickly. She literally could not have the energy to get up to eat or drink and you can just imagine the weather we have here in the country today. I had to make her drink by licking water from my palm. I hand fed her with 2 pieces of steak. She can still do her bowels though. I also tried to let her out of the house since she was always eager to run around but she just won’t get up anymore.

Surgery wasn’t an option and God knows if we can afford other treatments. I just want to remove her pain. I don’t want to put her to sleep yet.

I want a painkiller for her that can make her normal again at least until she finally rests by herself.

Please help me. I’ll check her weight if needed.

Here’s her picture:

She’s with her sister

As you can see, she barely moves from one place.

I’m sorry if they both look like they need a bath. I am to bathe them tomorrow. My little cancer patient would look really beautiful with her white fur really clean. She’s like a toy poodle minus the high upkeep.

As with the cancer, I hate this feeling where I can’t do anything for my dog. Every dog is loyal to its master. I suck being her master. I really have to make it up to her. I mean, I often dream of saving people’s lives but with this…I begin to doubt myself. I can’t even save my own dog. I feel useless and incompetent.

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  1. L said, on April 17, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    It’s out of your hands. You’ve given her a home, and loved her for 11+ years. I guess the best thing you can do is just be there for her and make her feel as comfortable as possible.

    In 2008, my sweet cat named Mopple was diagnosed with FIP. It was incurable. I tried the best I could and went to different vets, to no avail. I even imported his medicine from the UK.

    He was a tough little guy, but there was only so much he could take. I was neither sleeping nor working for weeks so I could take care of him. One day, I had to make a difficult decision because.. well.. he was clearly suffering. His respiratory and digestive system were no longer functioning properly.

    I brought him to the vet and I chose to stay with him until his last breath. He died in my arms. It was so painful, I was wailing (yes, wail, in front of other pet owners, because iIm shameless like that) for hours. However, I was relieved that his misery ended.

    I’ve never really gotten over it. I still cry until now. And damn you for making me cry again. LOL.

    Kidding aside, just make her feel loved. Think of the 11 wonderful years she spent with you and your family. There’s nothing more I could say. My thoughts are with you.

    • anima9 said, on April 18, 2010 at 12:01 am

      You always know what to say and when to say it. I’m glad I know someone like you. Thank you for this.

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