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Posted in entertainment by Fated Blue on May 3, 2010

Iron Man 2 Poster. Click to enlarge.

Having aced my job interview earlier today (with only less than 2 hours of sleep by the way), I got myself wanting to watch the latest installment in the Iron Man movie series which is aptly called “Iron Man 2”.

The first movie was just great and fans expected a sequel even before it was announced. Did this film did it’s predecessor justice?

As usual, the film gives the audience what it promised in the trailers: Action, explosions, action, guns, action, lasers, and did I mention action?

The movie is worth the price you’ll pay to watch it. It did have some bad sides/moments but it could be the producers’ or the director’s way of making fans watch part 3.


Needless to say, the CGI in this film is just unbelievably realistic. Hollywood films have set the standard on realistic imagery that you just have to give it a high rating. As for the film, it did not lack in that aspect at all.



The sound effects, BGM, and OST for Iron Man 2 is just right. Nothing too noisy, nothing too meek. Although I would’ve preferred another band when I saw AC/DC leading the OST.



The first movie was just awesome as with most movie series. As with most movie series, however, the sequels (usually the second) would most likely lack that “I am just psyched about this film! I’m gonna talk about it for days!” feeling.

The whole movie revolves around Tony Stark’s problems such mid-life crisis, becoming an alcoholic, and with an envious rival trying to sabotage his life. Not to mention an enemy from an untold past out to get him for the sole purpose of revenge. It’s a movie about a typical man having a bunch of problems and anxieties and how he tries to cope with them with a suit of futuristic armor thrown in.



The movie this time had more than enough major characters to ensure the appearance of most of them by part 3. I can’t wait to see Scarlett Johansson being the deadly Black Widow again on the big screen. Tony Stark’s character seemed to have significantly improved himself near the end of the film (new laser weapon and arc). This film had me not wanting to blink as the first movie but it left me wanting more and not have that “Damn this movie was great!” feeling as I did in Iron Man 1.

It was action packed and was very exciting to watch. This sequel showed a lot of improvements for all of the characters (not to mention having more) ensuring a much better movie in part 3.


Secret Ending

As with the first film of the series, this movie also had a secret ending by the end of the credits. After having their lesson learned, the people in the theater sat and waited this time around, making sure not to miss any secret endings as most did the first time.

The scene is about a new character (possibly an ally) for Iron Man 3. The clue provided was the weapon showed in the film. It was Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer. Here’s what Thor looks like right now.

Thor of Iron Man 3

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