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Russian Spygirls are HOT STUFF: Anna Chapman is a certified bond girl!

Posted in internet news, security by Fated Blue on July 1, 2010


I don't need to be James Bond to have my life ruined by this woman.

Anna Chapman‘s story is unfolding like a plot straight out of a James Bond flick.

The beautiful 28-year-old divorcee who says she ran an online real estate company worth $2 million, was one of 11 accused Russian secret agents arrested by FBI agents.

Prosecutors say they were all part of a ring of old-school spies that answered to “Moscow Central”and lived deep undercover as ordinary suburbanites.

Chapman’s Facebook page, on which she also uses the Russian form of her name “Anya,”reveals a photo album of sexy profile pictures that could easily be headshots in a casting call to find the next Bond girl.

All I can say is: She can be my femme fatale anytime 🙂 Man, Russian women are either manly or too feminine! I hope all goes well for her though. I mean, not that I’m siding with her or anything but I just don’t want someone of such beauty rotting in prison and/or being…”manhandled” 😦 Please be okay, Anna.

PS: More pictures!

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