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I wonder: Why do I suffer so much?

Posted in life, Random, Special posts by Fated Blue on July 12, 2010

Here’s my little immature self holding grudges against the whole world…again.

Before anything else, here’s something about me.

I work for San Miguel as a QA assistant in Laguna. I’m from Cainta so I had to rent an apartment. Naturally, my sked would be shifting (Morning and Graveyard). I share this sked with a “partner” and this person is the center of my rant right now.

About this partner of mine, he’s new since June 21st of this year. He got in the easy way unlike the rest of us at work. While we had to go through 3 manager interviews and 2 exams, he only had to go through 1 HR interview and no exam at all. Why? Because he’s the general manager’s neighbor, that’s why.

He recently finished the same degree I hold at UP Visayas. I don’t think people from the UP system are arrogant or anything like that but MY GOD is he someone that exemplifies that description all too well.

How can I say so? Well here’s an example: When I was trying to be friendly in bringing up topics for an interesting conversation (such as life, work, internet, sports, games, etc.) I’d always get 1 out of the 10 sentences in that conversation. Like when I spoke something about “Torrent” downloading and how it was so easy, he then proceeded to LECTURE me about it as if I WAS SO FCUKING DUMB ABOUT IT.

And I hate being made stupid about something I know I am well versed at. Specially from this idiot who obviously just fcuking discovered fire and is now telling everyone how he did it.

And you know something else? We fcuking share the same apartment because I went ahead and invited him over when I was still so naive about his arrogance and idiocy. Everything in the apartment is MINE yet he couldn’t even bring himself to fcuking buy his own ELECTRIC FAN just so we can have proper ventilation. I HATE THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO SHARE MY FAN AND OTHER STUFF OUT OF HOSPITALITY SINCE I OBVIOUSLY RENTED THE APARTMENT FOR MYSELF. I only invited him over because I needed someone to share the rent expenses. I’d always say how I had an uncomfortable sleep due to the heat and he’d have no insight as to why I keep on saying that to his goddamn face. Why can’t he just BUY his own fan?!

I find myself sweating as I sleep, waking up 3-4 times from midnight ’til dawn because of the discomfort, and having to feel that urge to murder the other person in the room because he’s sleeping so fcuking nicely.

In any case, Here’s my rant:

Last Friday was the last day of the week since we had no production last Saturday. I was given the night shift sked for some reason (I had the morning sked the whole fcuking week). As much as I wanted to go home early that day, I still had to act professionally and just take that sudden change in schedule. He was on a 6am – 3pm sked while I was on a 2pm-11pm sked. Someone else covered the 4pm – 2 am sked. To shorten the story, I arrived home at 1 am. I was very tired and just cleaned myself up for sleep.

Now, my supervisor tells me that I’ll have the morning sked. 6am – 3pm tomorrow. I punched the wall of my bedroom upon receiving this little text as I found myself quite a frustrated man.

Why be so frustrated?

1. I’m from Cainta. My work is in Laguna.

2. I am supposed to have the middle shift (or night shift) sked this week.

3. I work much fcuking harder than my partner at just about everything (Duties to research; Analysis to paperwork).

4. He likes cutting corners i.e. always taking the LAZY way out. I always end up finishing the jobs the way they were meant to be finished. He’d often whisper to me “Tara, alis na tayo. Maaga tayo mag-out” when we are out on field work. He’d also say stuff like “Pas-pasin mo na yan” (to just skip on some of the work to hasten our progress) and “‘Wag mo seryosohin yan para maaga tayo matapos”.

5. He’d always have something bad or degrading to say about our workmates. Keep in mind: He’s new and yet he judges everyone else (which most likely includes me) as if he’s been working there for YEARS. He’d back stab the people who are so nice to him, specially our supervisor. He also thinks he’s better than the other QAs who’ve worked there for like at least 9 months now. Fcuking idiot suffers from illusory superiority. Talk about the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I don’t know why this is happening to me and I find myself losing patience waiting for the right answer.

PS: He’s surname is Agravante but I think Arrogante would fit him much better.

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